Mastered by the Genie Cover Art

Mastered By Series, Book 7

Mastered by the Genie

Celeste is sure it’s her lucky day when a powerful and sinfully sexy genie appears before her. But Zurvan is more interested in what he wants than granting her wishes. And what he wants is Celeste!

Celeste accidentally frees a huge, stunningly handsome genie from a crystal. She is delighted and overwhelmed by the prospect of three wishes, but this angry, volatile man frightens her. At the same time, her body aches for him.

Seduced by the chemistry between them, they get drawn into an explosive, intimate relationship that threatens to destroy them both.

Mastered by the Genie by Opal Carew is a fantasy romance that one reader said “is NOT your average genie story” while others have called it “highly original” and “unique and refreshing”. If you’ve always dreamed of having a sexy, powerful genie who can make all your wishes come true, you’ll love this captivating, deeply emotional tale that will singe your senses.

Previously published as Crystal Genie.

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