My Best Friend’s Stepfather: Part 3 Cover Art

My Best Friend's Stepfather Serial, Part 3

My Best Friend’s Stepfather: Part 3

I never thought I’d be caught between two very different men, or that’d I’d crave it so much. My sensual dominate Billionaire and my best friend. I see a future with them by my side and in my bed. But can they?

Adam or Dare? Both men set her senses on fire. With Dare, Ash can just be free and let go of her control under his sensual tutelage. With Adam, Ash has a friend, a lover, a future. But with the choice in front of her and her heart on line, can she fight for what she wants the most? Especially when someone is determined to take it all away?

Secrets have a way of coming out when you least expect them, and while Ash dreams of a future with them both, she knows Adam and Dare are hiding something. How can she hold onto a relationship that’s not even real yet? And will their pasts haunt their future?

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My Best Friend's Stepfather Serial

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My Best Friend’s Stepfather Cover Art

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