My Best Friend’s Stepfather: Part 2 Cover Art

My Best Friend's Stepfather Serial, Part 2

My Best Friend’s Stepfather: Part 2

Being with Dare was a fantasy come true, but I never expected Adam to confess his feeling. Now he’s determined to be the only man to possess me…and it turns out, he’s just as Dominant as Dare. With Adam, I can see a future. But does that mean I’m willing to give up the man I’ve always dreamed of…for a man who wants to make my dreams come true?

Ash is torn between two very different men. One who refuses to admit there can ever be a future between them but with one command can make her come undone. The other whose kiss can make her weak in the knees yet can make her feel cherished at the same time.

For years Adam and Ash have been circling a romance, but hearing him say he wants more, that he can be what she’s looking for, sends her reeling, and his scorching kisses set her blood on fire. Unwilling to give up her relationship with Dare, she also wants to explore the future she can have with Adam. Her head knows she has to choose, but her heart-and her body-wants them both.

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My Best Friend's Stepfather Serial

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My Best Friend’s Stepfather Cover Art

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