The Male StripperThe Stranger
Erotic Short Story
Volume 2, Red Hot Fantasies Series

January 22, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0-9878545-8-2
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Her ultimate sexual fantasy brought to life...

The idea of sex with a stranger is Jan's biggest turn-on. Not a one night stand, but someone who is totally anonymous. She never in her wildest dreams thought she'd do it in real life... until her friend decides to make it happen. So, bound and blindfolded, she is ready for her mysterious lover, but is she ready for the consequences?




Reviewer Top Pick - Night Owl Reviews


Red Hot Fantasies Series
Red Hot Fantasies
Red Hot Fantasies
Volume 1 Collection
Red Hot Fantasies
Red Hot Fantasies
Volume 2 Collection
The Male Stripper
#1: The Male Stripper
The Stranger
#2: The Stranger
The Office Slave
#3: The Office Slave
The Captive
#4: The Captive
The Bridal Affair
#5: The Bridal Affair

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4.5 Stars!   Reviewer Top Pick!
...Another scorching short story from a prolific author and an entertaining premise that started with a sensual bridal shower as the remaining single ladies who attended get their own fantasies fulfilled, a stud (or two) at a time. A great addition to the series.
Elf, Night Owl Review

4 Stars!
"...steamy tidbits... quite steamy – something that shouldn't surprise fans of Opal Carew...."
Jennifer Porter, Romance Novel News

Jan heard Becca's footsteps, then the door open and close. The darkness and silence loomed around her and her heart thundered in her chest.

Oh, God, in a moment a strange man is going to come in here and…

The door opened and someone stepped inside. Her heart rate accelerated.

The stranger. Her fantasy stranger.

She could feel his hot gaze gliding over her. Goose bumps danced along her flesh and her breasts ached as the nipples swelled against the confines of her bra. He could probably see the nubs pushing at the thin silk of her blouse.

She could sense his presence. Hear the sound of his footfalls as he approached. He was close now. She drew in a deep breath. Very close. She could feel the warmth of his body near hers, his breath lightly brushing her cheek.

She hadn't realized it would be so intense. Not seeing him. Not knowing who he was. Not knowing when-

She gasped as his lips brushed her collar bone. Firm yet teasing.

"You are mine. You know that," he murmured, his deep, sexy voice sending a shiver down her spine. His lips fluttered along her neck, then moved away. Wisps of hair danced against her temple as his warm breath caressed her cheek.

"I'm going to possess you. Strip you naked and touch you everywhere. Do whatever I want to you." He leaned closer. "And there's nothing you can do about it."

Her heart skipped a beat as she thought about his strong masculine hands peeling away her clothes, then roaming over her body. Her insides quivered.

Sex with a stranger. She had yearned to live out this fantasy for a long time. The need had haunted her.

Now, it would come true.

His finger traced down the neckline of her blouse, then tugged a little on the fabric when he reached the bottom of the V. The top button released and she felt the cool air of the room caress the swell of her breasts.

"A sexy black bra, I see. I like that."

She could hear the smile in his deep, sexy voice. It sent warmth flooding through her.

She could feel the heat of him as he leaned closer. His raspy cheek brushed against her neck and his lips nuzzled her collar bone.

His fingers played along the neckline of her blouse and-she gasped at the sound of the fabric ripping open. Cool air wafted across her chest.

"Black silk. Lovely."

His fingers glided along the top of one cup, then continued over the smooth fabric. Her hard nipple throbbed as he grazed over it.

He chuckled. "Beautiful." He stroked her aching nub again, sending lightning pleasure spiking through her. "You're very turned on."

His lips, warm and firm, brushed against hers, then began to move. Gently. Her lips moved with his as quivers of excitement rippled through her. His tongue glided along the seam of her lips. Then drove inside. It filled her mouth, thrusting deep. His fingers curled around her neck and he drew her closer. When his lips parted from hers, she whimpered at the loss.

He nuzzled her neck, sending goose bumps dancing along her flesh. He laughed warmly. "You really want this."

Oh God, he was right. She wanted this bad.

He captured her lips again with his masterful mouth and his tongue filled her. This time, she opened for him, relaxing into his invasion. His firm tongue thrust in and out, in and out, until her heart pounded and she could barely breathe. His tongue filled her, then withdrew a little. She wanted him deep again, but he didn't thrust forward. She whimpered and nudged his tongue with hers, trying to coax him further. He glided a little deeper, but stopped. Damn. She sucked, pulling as hard as she could. He groaned, then relented. His tongue thrust into her, filling her again. Filling her mouth like she wanted him to fill her more private opening.

He thrust several more times, storming her mouth until she was gasping, then he withdrew.

"God, you are so sexy. And that mouth of yours is so talented," he murmured.

He moved away, she didn't know how far, then she jumped as she felt his hot mouth on the swell of her breast. His finger stroked the top of the cup again, then he pulled it down. His lips surrounded her pebbled aureole, his tongue flicking her hard nub.

"Oh, God," she whimpered.

He tugged down the other cup, exposing her second nipple to the cool air, then covered it with his mouth and sucked. His fingers found the first nipple, still slick with his saliva. He toyed with it, sending wild spikes of sensation through her, shooting straight to her pussy.

This man-this stranger-was licking and… oh, God, sucking, on her nipple. Leaving her trembling in need.

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