Red Hot Fantasies Volume 1 Cover Art

Red Hot Fantasies Series, Box Set 1

Red Hot Fantasies Volume 1

What if your deepest sexual fantasies could come true?

Bad boys, alpha males, and dominants… three red hot fantasies collected as a box set from New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew.

It all began with a bachelorette party.

While Becca’s friends fantasize about multiple men and erotic situations, Becca longs for something more down to earth—a sizzling night with the male stripper she hired for her friend’s bachelorette party.

Despite her friends’ good-natured insistence that she go for it, Becca just doesn’t know how to tell this super sexy man she wants to jump his bones.

But when he shows up at her door later that night—and with a hunky friend in tow—she decides she just can’t let this opportunity slip away.

Having had her fantasy come true, Becca decides
to make her friends’ fantasies come true as well.

The idea of sex with a stranger is Jan’s biggest turn-on. Not a one night stand, but someone who is totally anonymous.

She never in her wildest dreams thought she’d do it in real life… until her friend Becca decides to make it happen.

So, bound and blindfolded, she is ready for her mysterious lover, but is she ready for the consequences?

Two fantasies down and the best is yet to come…

Sylvia loves to read erotica, and after her latest read, she’s developed a sizzling fantasy about being forced to submit to the sexual whims of four incredibly hot business partners.

Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d have the opportunity to live out her fantasy… until her friend decides to make it happen.

Now she’s about to become an office slave… to four hunky men she’s never even met. But faced with the reality, can she actually go through with it?
If you like red-hot sex, dominating alpha heroes, and captivating love stories, then you’ll love this collection (box set) from New York Times bestselling author, Opal Carew!

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ISBN-13: 9781539303633
ISBN-10: 1539303632

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