Red Hot Fantasies Volume 2 Cover Art

Red Hot Fantasies Series, Box Set 2

Red Hot Fantasies Volume 2

What if your deepest sexual fantasies could come true?

Sexy dominating alphas in two sizzling ménage stories! Stories #4 and #5 from the Red Hot Fantasies series from New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew in a box set.

Kalie desperately desires to surrender totally to the enigmatic and distant Erik, but he insists on keeping a distance between them.

Kalie has a deep, dark fantasy about being kidnapped by two strong, powerful men. Being totally at their mercy with no chance of escape. It haunts her dreams. Draws her with an overwhelming intensity.

Now her friend Becca has arranged to bring that fantasy to life, just like she’s done with their other friends’ fantasies and Kalie can hardly wait.

But when she finds herself in the clutches of these two strangers, she is shocked at her desperate need to be possessed by the man named Erik.

Erik King feels a strong draw to the young woman whose fantasy he is helping bring to life. But he refuses to feel anything for her except the lustful stirrings derived from having her at his complete mercy. He doesn’t intend to see her again after this fantasy scenario is done. Being involved with someone as sweet as Kalie is bound to bring him pain. Just like the woman before her.

And Erik doesn’t intend to be hurt again.

Celia loves Jake, her new husband, but has a guilty secret. Jake adores Celia and would do anything to make her happy. So what does he do when he finds out she has a deep longing to be with his two best friends?

After four friends shared their illicit sexual fantasies with each other at their friend Celia’s bachelorette party, Becca took it upon herself to make each of the fantasies come true.

As the bride, Celia was center stage with the stripper and missed the sharing. Now she feels left out, even though she knows she can never have the fantasy she really wants anyway: having a wild, sexual adventure with her new husband’s two best friends.

Now Jake has asked Becca to arrange a very special fantasy for Celia. It involves giving her the small, intimate wedding she actually wanted instead of the huge event their families insisted on.

As the evening unfolds, however, Celia begins to wonder if there’s more to this fantasy than she’s been told.
If you like red-hot sex, dominating alpha heroes, and captivating love stories, then you’ll love this collection from New York Times bestselling author, Opal Carew!

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ISBN-13: 9781543134575
ISBN-10: 1543134572

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