The Office Slave Cover Art

The Office Slave, Book 1

The Office Slave

Her ultimate sexual fantasy brought to life…

Sylvia loves to read erotica, and after her latest read, she’s developed a sizzling fantasy about submitting to the sexual whims of four incredibly hot business partners. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d have the opportunity to live out her fantasy… until her friend decides to make it happen. Now she’s about to become an office slave… to four hunky men she’s never even met. But faced with the reality, can she actually go through with it?

Book 3 of the Red Hot Fantasies series.
Book 1 of The Office Slave series.

Special Offer: For the same price, you can get this and the second story of the Office Slave series bundled together in “The Office Slave Series, Book 1 & 2 Collection” as a box set. That’s two stories for the price of one!

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