Tempting the Boss: Obsessed Cover Art

Tempting the Boss Series, Book 3

Tempting the Boss: Obsessed

Bella tempted Mr. Elliott with a special arrangement to keep her job, but it seems like it might have worked too well…

When Mr. Elliott told Bella he found her sexy curves to be a disturbing distraction in the office, and as a result, he wasn’t going to renew her contract, Bella had to think fast. She suggested an arrangement designed to reduce his… tension. He renewed her contract, and even promoted her to be his personal assistant.

Now, however, the arrangement doesn’t seem to be working. Rather than putting aside the distraction, Mr. Elliott can’t seem to think of anything but Bella. Their desperate need to be in each other’s arms becomes an obsession.

When Mr. Elliott returns from a business trip, he tells Bella that he has something important to discuss with her, and she’s sure that means trouble. She’s still only a temp, despite the fact he made her his personal assistant, and he could end her contract at any time.

Was he going to call off their arrangement and let her go completely?

OBSESSED is the third exciting story in Ruby Carew’s Tempting the Boss series, where we follow a tempestuous affair between Bella and her sexy, wealthy boss, Mr. Elliott. If you love sizzling erotic stories about a woman who finds herself getting in too deep as she pursues an illicit sexual relationship with her boss, then this is the series for you!

Buy OBSESSED today for a sizzling hot story that’ll curl your toes!

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