Tempting the Boss Collection 2 Cover Art

Tempting the Boss Series, Box Set

Tempting the Boss Collection 2

Bella wants to keep her job. Mr. Elliott wants to keep his company. Winston Hawthorne wants Bella.

When Mr. Elliott told Bella he found her sexy curves to be a disturbing distraction in the office, and as a result he wasn’t going to renew her contract, Bella had to think fast. She suggested an arrangement designed to reduce his… tension. He renewed her contract, and even promoted her to be his personal assistant.

Now, however, the arrangement doesn’t seem to be working. Rather than putting aside the distraction, Mr. Elliott can’t seem to think of anything but Bella. Their desperate need to be in each other’s arms becomes an obsession. And Bella is falling fast and hard for the man.

Their conversation about her future, is put on hold when Mr. Elliott must go to an important business meeting where he’ll be discussing a possible partnership with another company. Bella accompanies him to the out-of-town meeting, but when they arrive at the CEO’s house, Mr. Elliott discovers that the other company has been sold… to an old rival of his.

Bella knows how much this company means to Mr. Elliott, who built it from the ground up, so when the negotiations with Winston Hawthorne begin to crumble, Bella knows she has to do something. No matter what happens to her job, she’s willing to do anything she can to help him save the company.

Can Bella make an offer that will convince the sexy new partner to sign on the dotted line?

If you love stories about forbidden office affairs, especially with a sexy boss, then following Bella and Mr. Elliott’s tempestuous affair is an erotic roller coaster you won’t want to miss!

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ISBN-13: 9781546509462
ISBN-10: 1546509461

Tempting the Boss Series

Tempting the Boss Cover Art

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