Illicit Mate Cover Art

Abducted Series, Book 4

Illicit Mate

Jenna is eager to meet her soul-mate and start a happy life with him, but her dream is crushed when she discovers something has gone terribly wrong!

Jenna has always believed that there is one special man she’s meant to spend her life with. When she and her friends are abducted by sexy aliens saying that the women are to be united with their soul-mates, Jenna is thrilled. Until she meets…

Casey has always been attracted to men. In fact, one man in particular. But the pull she feels to Jenna is undeniable albeit confusing as hell. She knows it’s true love and travels across the universe to find her. The problem is going to be convincing Jenna that they’re meant to be together. As insurmountable as that problem seems, the bigger problem is…

Darrick has always been in love with Casey. They grew up together. She’s always been there for him, helping him through his difficult past. They knew from an early age that they were soul-mates and have been happy together. Until his whole world was shattered when Casey revealed that she feels the irresistible draw to a new soul-mate. An Earth woman named Jenna.

When Jenna meets Darrick, she knows this is the man she’s meant to be with. And, try as he might, Darrick can’t deny the feelings Jenna stirs in him. Casey knows what the solution is, but given his painful past, she knows Darrick will never even consider it.

In Illicit Mate, the fourth book in Opal Carew’s exciting sci-fi romance series, Abducted, get ready for a relationship that will rock the lives of three wounded souls and take you on a journey that will open your mind to the depth of true and everlasting love.

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Opal Carew
ISBN-13: 9781790952687
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