Contemporary Erotic Short Story

April 14, 2011
ISBN: 9780986965401
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Part 1 of the THREE series.

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Hot steamy dreams…
a sexy stranger…
and his two brothers…
all add up to an erotic adventure she'll never forget.

Lori's erotic dreams about a hot hard stranger are hitting fever pitch. She needs way more than eye contact and a smile across a crowded subway station. An instant connection sizzled between them and now Lori, who's never believed in love at first sight, is its helpless victim.

When Lori goes to her best friend's cabin for the weekend to spend time with Marie, her new husband and his brothers, she's surprised to wind up face-to-face with her fantasy stranger. He clearly wants to act on the incredible attraction between them. The heat builds and they wind up in the hot tub, totally caught up in their passion.

They are interrupted - by one of his brothers - and Lori soon finds herself in the middle of two sexy, handsome men, both bringing her to ecstatic heights. She didn't think things could get any better, until another interruption - by yet another brother - has her blushing with embarrassment, as well as passion.

Now Lori is experiencing her wildest fantasy yet, three ultra-sexy men at the same time. But she wants more than an erotic dream brought to life. Because she's in love. But can her sexy stranger return her love?


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4 stars!
"Grab the ice water ladies, this one is scorching hot!  
THREE is the latest erotic short by Opal Carew, and it is off the charts "is it me or is it hot in here?" hot!
...a tale about a woman's fantasy turn reality. ...this little erotic gem ... was an absolutely intense sexual journey that left me panting for more!"
Rho, The Romance Reviews

"i finally read three....OMG love it......."

"It's an excellent read! Definitely going on my suggested reading list beside "Blush". Great work!"

"I have read all of Opal Carew's books and love them. This is a little different - a short story with lots of good loving, well-written characters. I love it...

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How would Lori possibly get through the weekend with Marie and her new husband, Drake, the man who still starred in her erotic dreams?

After Lori had turned down two invitations to dinner and a couple more for drinks, always claiming work issues, Marie had finally insisted Lori give her a date when she could join them at Drake's family cottage near Lake Simcoe, north of Toronto.

She hadn't wanted to drive up with them, in case she came up with a brilliant plan to cut the weekend short without hurting Marie's feelings.

She tucked the bouquet of fresh cut flowers under her arm and clung to the strap of her small suitcase as she rang the doorbell. The place was huge. It was more like a full-fledged home than what Lori thought of as a cottage.

Marie opened the door and squealed, then pulled Lori inside and threw her arms around her, practically knocking the flowers flying.

Marie pulled back and grinned at Lori, then held out her left hand and wiggled her fingers. A bright, shiny diamond glittered on her ring finger. Lori grasped Marie's hand and stared admiringly.

"It's gorgeous."

And it was. A marquis cut solitaire in a white gold setting. The matching band had a delicate pattern engraved on the surface.

"Here, I brought some flowers." Lori handed Marie the bouquet.

"Lovely. Thanks." She led Lori into a large, gourmet kitchen and grabbed a crystal vase from the cupboard beside the stainless steel, double door refrigerator, then filled the vase with water.

Lori peeled the paper from the flowers and placed them in the vase.

"Perfect." Marie's face glowed.

Well, why not? She was a brand new bride and she seemed very happy. "Come on. Let me show you around."

"Where's… ah… Drake," Lori asked.

"Oh, he won't be arriving until late tonight." Marie grinned. "He thought you and I would like some girl time to catch up without the new husband getting in the way." She waved a dismissive hand. "I told him there'd be no problem but… he seemed almost nervous to meet you. Imagine that."

Nervous? So, did that mean he'd recognized her, too? Did he have feelings of lust in return? The mere possibility sent Lori's hormones dancing, chased away by guilt… and the realization that if it were true, the weekend would be excruciatingly long and awkward.

Sunshine danced along the polished, dark hardwood floors as Lori padded into the kitchen, awakened by the smell of coffee. The house was very quiet. Marie and Drake must still be asleep. The coffee maker had probably been set to automatic.

She slipped into the kitchen, poured herself a cup and carried it to the stools that sat in front of the counter, facing a fabulous view of the lake. As she took a seat, she noticed a note on the black granite counter top.

'Gone to do some grocery shopping. Back about one.'

Lori glanced at the clock. It was only nine now. That meant she had the house to herself for four hours.

She ate a quick breakfast then pulled on her bikini and headed for the patio doors to the backyard. She stepped through to a paradise of plants, stone decking, and a gorgeous free form pool with a waterfall-and even a hot tub.

Wow, her idea of heaven.

She stretched out on one of the lounge chairs and opened her book. After about a half hour, she dropped her book onto the table beside the chair and rolled onto her stomach. She undid the strap of her top to maximize her tan and tucked her hands under her head. The sun beat down on her, lulling her into a quiet nap.

"You're going to burn if you're not careful."

A man's voice-it must be Drake's-startled her. She flushed as she realized from the back, with her thong bottoms and her top strap undone, she might as well be naked.

"You need some protection."

She saw his masculine hands pick up her tube of sun block from the table beside her and felt the warm lotion form a line across her back. His large hand stroked her flesh as he massaged it in: first across her shoulders, then down her back, then the length of each leg. Next, she felt his hand cup one of her ass cheeks as he slowly and thoroughly massaged the lotion into her skin. She longed to flip over and allow him to give the same attention to other parts of her body. Her breasts tingled and her vagina tightened with need.

But he was just being a good host. He didn't want her to sunburn. She couldn't stand the wonderful feel of his hands caressing her a moment longer. It felt too good. She clutched her bathing suit top to her chest and rolled over to a sitting position.

"Thanks, Drake, I think I'm well covered now."

He smiled that electric smile of his and winked. "Whatever you say."

He stood up and she nearly gasped. He wore the briefest, sexiest bathing suit she'd ever seen on a man. It left little to the imagination. She could see the length of his cock straining against the thin fabric, the head nearly pushing out the top. Clearly, applying the sun block had affected him just as much as it had affected her.

If Marie were to step out on the deck right now, it would be very embarrassing.

"Where… uh… where is Marie?"

"She went out shopping. Didn't you see her note?"

Alone. They were alone? Panic shot through her. He was practically naked in front of her, and obviously turned on. A little voice inside her suggested she drop her hands to her sides and let her top fall to the ground. That would certainly heat things up between them.

But she couldn't. This was her best friend's husband.

"By the way, I'm not Drake." He sat on the lounge chair facing her.

"What?" She stared at him, perplexed.

"I'm Drake's brother, Craig." At her narrowing eyes, he continued, "I'm not kidding."

"You're identical-"

"That's right. Marie said she was having a friend visit this weekend and thought I'd like to meet you. I'm glad I took her up on the invitation." His gaze shifted up and down her body, coming to rest on her breasts, and her hands clinging to the loose bikini top.

"Nice to meet you, Craig. I'm Lori. I'd shake your hand, but…"

He smiled and a devilish glint lit his eyes. "I sure wouldn't complain if you did."


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