Taken By Storm Cover Art

Taken By Storm

When Jessica is almost run over by a red hot rock musician on a motorcycle, she knows he’s exactly the kind of dangerous character she needs to avoid. But he insists on turning her safe little world upside-down… and she finds herself losing her heart.

Storm doesn’t expect to find the excitement he’s seeking in this tiny little town. Until he meets Jessica. She’s sweet and sexy. And she’s the first woman to see past his defenses to the real him. But settling down is not on his agenda, so when she starts to fall for him… and fuck, he’s feeling that same dangerous stirring… he knows it’s time to hit the road.

5 Stars: “Taken By Storm is another scorchingly hot erotic story by the talented Opal Carew.” Summer’s Book Blog

Note: This is the prequel to HIS TO POSSESS and HIS TO CLAIM.

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ISBN-13: 9780986965487
ISBN-10: 0986965480