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Stepbrother, Mine Serial, Complete Novel

Stepbrother Mine

How far will she go to get the life she’s always wanted? Dana’s always had a clear vision of how her life would go and how she’d get there, but when her father dies during her final year of college, her whole world threatens to topple down. In desperate need of money, she takes a drastic step. She decides to auction off her virginity.

Mason is used to getting what he wants. The head of his own corporate empire, he has wealth, means, and no shortage of beautiful women ready to fulfill his every need. But despite having it all, Mason is bored. Until he comes face-to-face with a woman from his past. Unable to let Dana slip away again, Mason bids on the one thing he’s always wanted, even if it is completely forbidden. He’s fantasied about having her to himself for years, touching her smooth skin, tasting her sweet lips, but Dana is off-limits, or is she? What started out as a way for each of them to get what they’ve always wanted is about to turn into so much more….

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ISBN-13: 9781250052858
ISBN-10: 1250052858

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Narrated by: Julia Duvall
Length: 5 hrs and 47 mins

Stepbrother, Mine Serial

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