Stacy and Her Dad’s Best Friend Collection 1 Cover Art

Stacy Series, Box Set

Stacy and Her Dad’s Best Friend Collection 1

Stacy’s First Time

When Stacy comes to Ray for help, he is intent on protecting her, but the explosive attraction between them, paired with Stacy’s headstrong nature, makes it nearly impossible to resist the forbidden urges burning through him.
When my mom threw me out, I went to my dad’s best friend, Ray, for help. He’s the only person I’ve ever really trusted.
I’ve never been with a man before, and now that I’m in Ray’s capable hands and feel the explosive attraction between us, I realize I desperately want him to be my first.
The problem is how do I convince Ray that touching me… making love to me… isn’t a betrayal of my trust.

Disciplining Stacy

Ray regrets succumbing to Stacy’s pleas to take her virginity. Now she wants to continue their forbidden relationship, so he needs to show her who’s the boss… [with a little discipline].

When Stacy landed on my doorstep looking for a place to stay, of course I took her in. But she’s grown into a woman since the last time I saw her and, damn, she’s incredibly sexy. When she decided she wanted me to be her first lover… and this headstrong young woman knows how to get her way… I fell prey to my blazing hot urges.
In the light of day, I have to face the fact that I crossed a line into forbidden territory. I have to be responsible and keep a distance between us. But the little minx isn’t prepared to let it go, no matter how much I push her away. I’m hanging onto my control by a thread and if I don’t do something, I’ll take her into my bed again, and I can’t allow that to happen.
It seems clear that I have to do something to show Stacy who’s the boss.

Stacy and Her Dad’s Best Friend, Collection 1 is a compilation of the first two in the Stacy and Her Dad’s Best Friend series. If you love sizzling stories of forbidden love between a younger woman and older man, especially if you love them with a touch of discipline, then this series if just what you’re looking for!

Buy Stacy and Her Dad’s Best Friend, Collection 1 today and enjoy a totally satisfying erotic adventure!

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