Jenna’s Best Friend’s Father – Collection Cover Art

Jenna Series, Box Set

Jenna’s Best Friend’s Father – Collection

Some secrets are worth pursuing, especially when discovering them means you might be punished!

I’ve been attracted to him for a long time, but he is totally out of bounds. He’s my best friend’s father and I know I shouldn’t be lusting after him. But now he’s offered me a summer job at his place and things are heating up between us. He has just one rule. Don’t look inside the room.

But I just can’t resist… When I look inside, everything changes.

Then, when his friend shows up, and a spark flares between us, I find that the punishment and pleasure skyrocket as I am mastered by both sexy older men.

Warning: This taboo story is for adults only. It contains erotic encounters between two sexy older men and a younger woman. All characters are 18 and over.

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ISBN-13: 9781548808396
ISBN-10: 1548808393

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