Debt of Honor Cover Art

Debt of Honor

Held captive by a domineering sheikh and made to pay for a crime she did not commit.

Angelica couldn’t believe that hopping off a plane during a refueling stop to search for one-of-a-kind souvenirs could lead to such a terrifying situation. She is being detained in an exotic country by a devastatingly handsome sheikh who insists she has committed a crime and intends to make her pay. And it is clear that part of her punishment will be to share his bed.

Caution: Includes lots of hot m/f, a little f/f, and a heart thumping, romantic, sexual adventure you won’t soon forget!

If you love a story where a dominating alpha sheikh captures a feisty heroine and seduces her into his bed, then this sizzling, fast-paced tale is for you!

Buy this erotic sheikh romance today and be carried away!

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ISBN-13: 9781720537922
ISBN-10: 1720537925