Hard Ride
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Volume 4, Ready To Ride Series

June 30, 2015
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781250052834
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Liv never expected to find herself trapped in an alley facing a band of rough bikers. And she certainly never expected to see him again...

When Shock encounters an old flame in a dark alley, it sends him spiraling. She’s still as beautiful as ever, but she seems to have fallen on hard times since college, and he’s concerned about the risks she seems to take. In order to keep her safe and finally have her for himself, he makes a sensual deal: his help for her complete submission. But will Liv be able to let go of the past and fall for the hard rider?



2016 Golden Quill Contest
Winner - Erotic Romance


Hard Ride was first published in e-book as "a novel in three parts". Here are buy links to those three parts:
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Hard Ride is Opal Carew's hottest book to date! The physical and emotional toll catches up with Liva and she can't shield her heart anymore. But will a shocking secret from her new lover's past end their happily ever after? I can't wait to read the entire series! No doubt if it has Opal Carew on the cover, the series will be absolutely unforgettable.
Tracy Marsac, ReaderToReader.com

Once out on the street, which was pretty deserted at this time of night, Liv started walking down the road. She wanted to grab a cab, but there were no cars at all on this road right now. After a few minutes of walking, heading toward a busier street, she started to get nervous. It was at times like this she wished she still had her car, but with the drain on her finances, it was a luxury she could no longer afford.

There were some men hanging out on the corner ahead. Rough-looking men. Maybe she should go back inside and have the bartender call her a cab.

She turned and started to walk back, but as she got close to the bar, a few more rough-looking types exited the bar and started walking toward her. Their gazes locked on her.

Her stomach clenched and a chill quivered through her.

Damn Carl for leaving her stranded here. Ordinarily, she would never come to a place like this, especially alone, but Carl had insisted the only time he could meet her was after his shift as a bouncer at a nearby bar.

She turned down an alley beside her. She was pretty sure it led to the next block and she could probably catch a cab there. Or at least slip into the all-night diner she?d seen on the way here this evening.

But as she walked down the dimly lit alleyway, she wondered if she?d made a grave mistake. She couldn?t see very far ahead, but shouldn?t she see streetlights from the next block? Or headlights of cars driving by?

She heard a sound behind her and glanced over her shoulder as she picked up her pace. Her breath caught at the shadowy shapes of three men behind her. She lurched forward and ran smack into a big, solid body. She gasped as she pushed herself back from a man with a broad, muscular chest and thick, tattooed arms.

Oh, God, the guy from the bar.

She gazed up at him, expecting to see the leering face of the man called Crow, but her eyes widened. In the dim light of the alley, she couldn?t make out much of his face, but this tall stranger wasn?t Crow or any of the men who?d been with him.

He grasped her arms and propelled her backward toward the building, then she felt the brick wall at her back. All she could see of his face was the steely glint of his eyes. Her heart pounded.

"Do you really think it's a good idea to be walking through a dark alley alone at night?" His words came out low and fierce.

Tears threatened at the dire situation she found herself in, but something about his voice nagged at her. There was something about it that was . . . familiar.

He leaned in closer. "But you always were lacking in common sense."

Shock vaulted through her. That was it. That voice unmistakably belonged to?


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