Fantasy Romance
September 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9869664-6-0
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For some reason, Fate has been messing with Lucinda's love life.

By all known wizard lore, she should have bonded with her mentor Rand, but there's simply no chemistry between them. When she gets "The Call", which shouldn't happen for her, she is faced with an incredibly sexy, entirely naked man in an alley in Paris. Getting "The Call" means she is supposed to be his mentor... and his one true love. Clearly Fate thinks her life is a joke.>/p>

Now she is stuck mentoring a man who is utterly domineering, overwhelmingly masculine, incredibly irresistible and, according to her most trusted friend, extremely dangerous.

This book was formerly sold under the titles "Virgin Wizard " and "Darkest Nyte".


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5 Hearts!
"... an enchanting and entrancing story of love and forgiveness. Carew has outdone herself... a definite recommended read."
Tammy, Love Romances

5 Cupids!
"Wow! This book got me hooked right from the start. The mystery and suspense around Nyte was so thrilling… Carew has created very interesting and realistic characters… I will certainly look out for more works of this great writer."
Birka, Cupid's Library Reviews

4.5 Cupids!
"This story is full of twists and turns. Nyte's secrets entice the reader up until the final pages of the book. …as a work of fantasy it is quite interesting and unique."
Marina, Cupid's Library Reviews

4 Angels!
“...a wonderful mix of mystery and paranormal. Carew has created a story that will not soon be forgotten.”
Tewanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Angels!
“a whole new world to explore…fresh and exciting… fun to read… kept me captivated… adventure and strong characters.”
Julie, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Cups!
"This story is quite engaging… Several plot twists and turns will surprise you and set your world on edge…"
Cindy Warner, Coffee Time Romance Reviews

“Witty and engaging… a fabulous story that I found hard to put down… will keep you on the edge of your seat… an extremely entertaining read that you’ll want to visit more than once.”
Susan Biliter, eCataRomance Reviews

"an outstanding fantasy novel... twists and turns that will keep you on your toes and a brilliant ending that will warm your heart. I encourage you to read this exceptional book, whether a fantasy reader or not. If you’re not, you will be after reading [Spellbound].”
Tina Burns, The Road to Romance

“Quite engaging… plot twists and turns will surprise you and set your world on edge.”
Cindy Warner, Coffee Time Romance

“Many twists and surprises… I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Trang Noire, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Read the Romantic Times book review of Spellbound (aka Virgin Wizard, Darkest Nyte).

April in Paris. Charming. Why did she always wind up in these wonderful places when she didn't have time to enjoy them? Last time, she'd been searching for Death at Club Med. She smiled. Of course, once she'd found him and gotten their business out of the way, they'd had a good time. A date with Death was quite an experience.

A couple of teenagers skated past her on roller blades and giggled. Lucinda shifted her focus to her own reflection and flushed. Here she stood in the middle of Paris wearing only a mauve camisole and tap pants - and bare feet. She groaned. Well, she'd never pretended to be good at these middle of the night adventures. She had trouble being organized at the best of times let alone with less than a good night's sleep.

Pretending great interest in the view behind the glass, she checked her peripheral vision on each side, wondering how best to avoid notice.

Right, like that would happen. Almost everyone who passed by glanced in her direction. Some quickly glanced away again, some grinned, some twittered. Some ogled. She dragged in a deep breath, deciding on brashness as her best course of action. Drawing her shoulders back, she turned away from the window. She smiled and nodded at each person who glanced in her direction, then turned down the first alleyway she came across.

Good heavens. She would have to choose the mid-morning rush hour to appear in a world-class city in a state of undress. Of course, most nights she slept in an oversized grey sweatshirt, but yesterday, of all days, she'd given in to temptation and bought the feminine camisole set in the window of a lingerie store near her office - and she'd had to wear it to bed.

She padded down the alley, searching for a hidden corner where she could materialize some clothes, but a groan from up ahead interrupted her mission. She crinkled her forehead. Had it been an actual sound? Good heavens, could it have been the baby? Had he been left alone somewhere in this alley?

But a baby didn't groan.

She closed her eyes and listened. Fragmented questions tumbled through her mind. Where am I? Who am I? The strong sense of disorientation threw off her balance, sending her careening into a brick wall. Her shoulder pressed against it and she flattened one hand against the side of her head, trying to control the dizziness. The person was disoriented. And uncomfortable.

But he wasn't in danger.

She tried to catch her breath as a stunning certainty ricocheted through her. These thoughts were too coherent for an infant. And yet they definitely came from her intended student. She slumped back against the wall, barely holding herself upright as disturbing questions pelted her consciousness like hailstones.

If this wizard she'd been called upon to teach was not a baby, why hadn't she received The Call over a decade ago? The lad seemed to be suffering from some kind of accident. Could a blow to the head have triggered wizardly potential in him?

She didn't know. Drat. Many of her friends loved mysteries, but not her. Why hadn't one of them gotten this one? As soon as the thought crossed her mind, Lucinda felt a fierce protectiveness jolt through her. No way. This guy was hers. Lucinda had longed to be a mentor for centuries.

A good thing, a little voice whispered inside her head. Because a seventh sense told her he was ready. She could feel the magical potential shimmering from him. Damn. She felt like a pregnant woman who'd just given birth, been handed a full-grown child, and told, "Here you go. You're a mother now." In fact, it occurred to her that in that particular analogy, not only had she not realized she was pregnant, but she'd thought she could never even conceive!

This isn't fair! I need more time. I'm not ready for this!

She could almost see Merlin's sardonic green gaze. Yeah, like life is always fair.

Lucinda shook her head. Okay, she'd manage. Somehow. In fact, the thought that she could start the teaching process right away held some appeal. She'd never been a patient person. Waiting twelve or thirteen years would have driven her nuts. And a teenager would be much easier to take care of than a baby. In fact, didn't they usually want to do everything on their own?

Sure. This would be just fine. Ever since she'd decided she might have to care for a tiny baby, a heavy sense of responsibility had dropped on her shoulders. Now it lifted. She straightened up and pushed herself away from the cold wall.

Time to find this guy.

Creeping further into the alley, she scanned the edges of the clutter lining the path. Garbage cans. Cardboard boxes. Wooden crates.

The glint of tanned skin caught her gaze and she focused on a figure slumped on the ground behind a box. She hurried toward him and stopped about a metre away. What should she do now? This was definitely the person she'd been seeking. She sensed confused thoughts skimming the surface of his mind. Not quite conscious. She stepped forward and touched his shoulder.

A fierce growl startled her and she leaped backward. He bolted to his feet as he swung around to face her. Her gaze followed his piercing eyes as he reached full height. In her peripheral vision, she saw his hand shoot to his hip. He tried to grasp something. A sword? That's what his surface thoughts revealed. How odd. A slightly puzzled expression flickered across his face, then disappeared. Hidden behind a shield of keen intelligence.

Her breathing slowed as they stared at one another. She could almost believe he was an ancient warrior displaced in time. He emanated a strong aura of power. His hair, dark and untamed, swept back from his face and tumbled over strong, broad - and very naked - shoulders.


She allowed her gaze to continue down his firmly muscled chest past his waist. She quickly became cognizant of two startling facts. One, he was a fully mature adult male. Two, he was completely naked.

Good heavens, how did she get into these predicaments?

As her skin pebbled, she realized his gaze had started to wander, too. The edges of his mouth quirked up in a smile and a glimmer softened his granite eyes. Lucinda suddenly remembered her attire - or lack thereof. A scrap of satin and lace.

He took a step forward, and she jerked backwards, losing any facade of coolness she'd managed to present up to now. He stopped and studied her thoughtfully.

Her gaze kept drifting down his chest, along the lightly furred arrow that conveniently pointed to the more interesting feature of the male anatomy. Especially in this man's case.

Yipes, don't look there, she told herself. Yeah, right. That's like telling yourself not to look at the Eiffel Tower when it's standing right in front of you. And, right at this moment, the object of her discomfort stood as tall as that landmark.

Forcing her gaze to meet his, she felt herself drawn into some strange, dark depths. Something about him frightened her - but intrigued her even more. She stepped back, but he reached out and clasped her hand. His body pulsed with suppressed energy, yet his touch felt gentle, coaxing.

What's going on? I'm a full-fledged, tenth level wizard. I should be in control here.

She tugged her hand free, folded her arms over her chest, and scowled at him. What was it about this guy that threw her off so badly?

"Who are you?" she demanded.


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