Reader feedback...

I just got done reading Swing and all I can say is SIZZLING HOT!!!!!!! I could not put the book down!!! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Twins. I just loved everything about the book! Every time I was going to stop reading, I couldn't because I needed to know what was going to happen next. I loved all four characters and the plot. It's a book that I will definitely be reading again and again!!!! Thank you for making my weekend an excellent read!

Sincerely, Tracy : )

I'm a new reader of this genre of writing. You have quite the talent! Your book Twin Fantasies, woke up desires that had been dormant for for year! Your writing, and the energy behind the words, enabled me to reconnect with my self. To be able to reignite that spark within is a wonderful thing. Your writing played a key role!

With appreciation and gratitude, Paula

At last I've found a romance author who writes books that I can relate to! Several years ago I turned away from the romance genre because I was not interested in sweeping romances where the man saves the woman, etc., etc. I've been searching for an author who writes erotic romances that are modern and about women like me who dare to be sexually assertive and have a naughty side.

I first pulled Swing off the shelf at Chapters in Ancaster (I live in Hamilton, Ontario) and just reading the back cover sent a tingle down my spine. This may seem strange but I opened the middle of the book, saw the words pussy and cock (instead of some over-romanticized version, i.e. her delicate flower and his pulsing manhood) and knew the book was for me.

I absolutely loved the story; the book was raw and edgy and not like anything I'd read before. I finished it quickly and have since devoured both Twin Fantasies and Blush. I am now anticipating the release of Six in January. Your stories of women and their sexual awakenings are very inspiring and should be "must reads" for any woman who is unsure as to how to get what she wants out of her sexual relationships.

Thank you for writing stories that speak to me, a 39 year old single woman who is in a couple of unconventional sexual relationships. You've opened me to the world of erotic romances and have quickly become my favourite author of the genre.

Kudos to you for your success, especially as a fellow Canadian, and thanks again for writing such thrilling and sensual books!! You've made a life-long fan out of me.

Sincerely, Sylvia

Opal's books in other countries...

SWING has been released in the Czech Republic as "Sladké podlehnutí"!
( Apparently, I am called Opal Carewová there.)

TWIN FANTASIES is now available in Spain as DOS MEJOR QUE UNO. Before long, it will be available in Russia, too.


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