The Boss The Office Slave #2 - The Boss
Erotic Short Story
Volume 2, The Office Slave Series

June 17, 2013
ISBN-13: 9781927444061
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They brought her ultimate sexual fantasy to life...
Now it gets real.

Sylvia couldn't get his deep, domineering voice out of her head. It had only been a one minute phone conversation, but it had elicited the most compelling and intense sex dreams she'd ever known.

Her friend had arranged for her to live out her sexual fantasy of being office slave to four hot hunky business partners, and at the end, their fifth partner had called to ask if she wanted to be dominated… for real.

Now she was about to give up total control to the man behind the voice… the Boss.



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The Office Slave Series
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The Office Slave Series, Book 5 & 6 Box Set
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Sylvia opened the office door and stepped inside.

A suited man sat behind a huge, mahogany desk, staring at a large, sleek laptop. His glossy hair, black as a raven's wing, was cropped short. His face, with high cheekbones and angular jaw framing full lips, was striking. He glanced at her with piercing steel-blue eyes and her breath caught. He was intensely masculine. And incredibly sexy.

"Miss Reed."


His gaze took in her face, then drifted down her neck and settled on her chest. Heat washed through her at his intense scrutiny. Her nipples puckered as he blatantly stared at her breasts. Then his gaze drifted downward again, slowing over her stomach, then settling a few inches below her navel. She felt as if he could see right through her skirt to the black lace panties beneath. Her vagina clenched.

Her breath held, and when his gaze slid back to her face, she was elated to see approval in his eyes.

"Are you ready to submit to me?"

Her throat suddenly went dry. This was her last chance to change her mind.

She drew in a deep breath, then nodded.

God, the man had barely spoken to her, and she had just agreed to do anything he wanted.

"You will call me Sir, or Mr. Grant."

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now take off your panties."

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