The Male StripperThe Male Stripper
Erotic Short Story
Volume 1, Red Hot Fantasies Series

December 23, 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0-9878545-6-8
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Her ultimate sexual fantasy brought to life.

While Becca's friends fantasize about multiple men and erotic situations, Becca longs for something more down to earth-a sizzling night with the male stripper she hired for her friend's bachelorette party.

Despite her friends' good-natured insistence that she go for it, Becca just doesn't know how to tell this super sexy man she wants to jump his bones.

But when he shows up at her door later that night-and with a hunky friend in tow-she decides she just can't let this opportunity slip away.



Reviewer Top Pick - Night Owl Reviews


Red Hot Fantasies Series
Red Hot Fantasies
Red Hot Fantasies
Volume 1 Collection
Red Hot Fantasies
Red Hot Fantasies
Volume 2 Collection
The Male Stripper
#1: The Male Stripper
The Stranger
#2: The Stranger
The Office Slave
#3: The Office Slave
The Captive
#4: The Captive
The Bridal Affair
#5: The Bridal Affair

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The Male Stripper

4.5 Stars!   Reviewer Top Pick!
"...first sizzling tale in her ‘Red Hot Fantasies’ series..."
Elf, Night Owl Review

4 Cups!
"...The Male Stripper is a bold, spicy ménage that possesses exceptional writing, offering a voyeuristic opportunity into three peoples’ lives as they revel in their sexual fantasia. ...Becca, Cal, and Don are intriguing, enjoyable and likable characters... Their carnal unions are erotic and well orchestrated, taking up many of the pages. Ms. Carew makes sure this short story’s erotic ambience dominates. A keeper for sure...."
Echo, Coffee Time Romance & More

4 Stars!
"...steamy tidbits... quite steamy – something that shouldn't surprise fans of Opal Carew...."
Jennifer Porter, Romance Novel News

4 Stars!
...keeps you hooked... can't wait to read the rest [of the series]...
Atomic Kitty

4 Stars! A great read!
...I love how Becca took control and fulfilled her fantasies. A must read for anyone whose fantasy is 2 men and lots of pleasure.

"Right there. That's my fantasy. In the flesh." Becca's gaze glided across the man's broad shoulders to his open shirt, revealing a solid chest and sinfully tight abs.

"Mmm. In the flesh is right." Sylvia grinned. "At least he will be soon."

He pivoted his pelvis, and teased the eighteen women in Becca's living room by unfastening the button on his tight black pants.

He strutted to Celia, the bride-to-be, with a big smile on his face, gyrated his hips, then slid his fingers to the tab of his zipper and tugged it down a little.

Lucky Celia sat front and center, while Becca sat on a foldout chair behind the couch along with Jan, Sylvia and Kalie. Heat thrummed through her at the thought that she would soon see Cal's undoubtedly long, thick, and probably extremely hard cock. She drew in a deep breath as he lowered the zipper even more.

God, she'd been thinking dirty thoughts about this sexy, gorgeous man-Cal-ever since she'd hired him for Celia's bachelorette party.

Becca noticed Jan's cheeks flushing pink as his zipper parted, revealing a trail of dark hair from his navel to the band of his black briefs.

"So, Jan, what's your sexual fantasy?" Kalie asked.

Sylvia had brought up the topic just before the sexy male stripper had appeared.

"Oh, uh…" Jan dragged her gaze away from the gorgeous hunk stripping for their enjoyment. "I don't really know."

"Come on, you must have thought about it."

Her cheeks flushed a little darker. "Well, I… uh… sometimes think about, you know, doing it with a stranger."

"You mean like a one-night-stand?" Kalie asked.

"No, I mean, it's dark, or I have a blindfold on so I can't see his face. I can just… feel him."

"Oh, that's sexy," Kalie said.

"And kind of kinky." Sylvia smiled at Jan's deepening blush. "I bet you're tied up, too, right?"

Becca smiled at Jan's nervous giggle. Since Jan found it hard to talk to men, having hot sex with an anonymous stranger made sense.

"What about you, Sylvia?" Becca asked, knowing her actress friend would definitely have something fun and unusual.

Sylvia took a sip of her drink. "I just finished reading this book where a woman is indebted to these business partners and has to become their sex slave." She grinned. "I think that's incredibly hot."

"Nice," Becca said. "Being a sex slave to two guys."

Sylvia's grin broadened. "I didn't say two."

Kalie's eyebrows arched. "You said partners."

"That's right. In the book there were three, but I think four would be more fun."

Becca laughed. That was Sylvia. "So Jan wants a stranger, and Sylvia wants to be a sex slave… for four guys."

"And you want the stripper," Sylvia chimed in.

Becca's gaze returned to the god-like man as his shirt slipped to the floor. "Yep."

He was absolutely gorgeous, and a really nice guy, too, with none of the arrogance that often accompanied a man who was good-looking and knew it, especially when he used that asset as part of his livelihood. Cal was actually doing this job to work his way through grad school.

Damn, what was hotter than a sexy, intelligent, nice man?

"What about you, Kalie?" Jan asked.

"Well, unlike Sylvia, I'd be happy with just two men… but I'd like them to kidnap me and take me,"-Kalie gestured with air-quotes-"against my will."

"Mmm." Sylvia sighed. "I'm getting hot just thinking about that."

So was Becca. Her gaze shifted back to the handsome stud currently standing in front of Celia, rocking his pelvis forward and back as he slowly lowered his pants. She couldn't help imagining him holding her against the wall, her wrists pinned above her head. Her breasts swelled and her hard nipples pressed against the lace of her bra. She watched in fascination as he shed his tight black pants, her gaze locking on the large bulge outlined by his black briefs.

Celia giggled as he turned in a circle in front of her, his hips gyrating, then he faced her again and glided his thumbs under his briefs and eased them down, first one hip, then the other. The fabric clung to his shaft, keeping it hidden from view, but Becca knew that every woman in the room stared at it, breath held in anticipation.

He slid one finger toward his shaft. As he pulled the fabric forward, Becca wished she were alone in the room with him, that it was her instead of Celia sitting right in front of him with a world-class view.

Then he tugged the fabric down, revealing his huge, thick shaft, bulging veins lining the side of his magnificent cock. Oh, God, if she were Celia right now, she'd have trouble not reaching forward and stroking it, then devouring it. She could imagine the solid flesh stretching her mouth as she wrapped her lips around it.

Sylvia nudged Becca's shoulder and she tore her gaze away.

"My God, woman. He is sinfully hot." Sylvia's heated gaze was locked on his big member. "Wherever you found him, make sure you keep the address. No wonder he's your fantasy."

Becca just nodded.

Sylvia nudged her again. "So, when you interviewed him, did you get to see the goods?"

Now it was Becca's turn to blush. "Um… no."

It had been a very business-like interview, where she'd asked about his experience and references. She was an event planner, after all, and although she had arranged this party as Celia's friend, this kind of thing was a business for her. Not that she'd ever hired a stripper before. Usually, she set up charity events or anniversary parties. That kind of thing.

"Too bad." Kalie grinned.

As he undulated his hot body in front of Celia, then turned around and swayed his fine, hard ass in front of her, Becca felt her insides melt with need.

Sylvia nudged her again. "You know, there's no reason you couldn't live out your fantasy. The fantasies the rest of us have aren't likely to happen, but yours is right there in front of you. Go for it."

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