Contemporary Erotic Romance
January 2008
St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN-10: 0312367805
ISBN-13: 978-0312367800
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It all started with an innocent request...

Melissa's friend Shane asked her to accompany him on a business trip to an exclusive resort.  But The Sweet Surrender is no ordinary vacation spot -- it's for men and women who swing.  As Melissa mingles with the other guests and discovers the resort's fantasy rooms, she's tempted to explore her naughty side and live out her most sinful fantasies -- but she isn't prepared for the storm of desire that awaits.  She soon finds herself torn between two men, one of her oldest friends and a handsome stranger who belongs to another.  Both men bring her the most exquisite pleasure, but which man will win her heart?

Her work has been described as "scorching," "intoxicating" and "brilliant," and this is Opal Carew's hottest novel yet.  Visit The Sweet Surrender and sample its decadent pleasures for yourself -- if you can take the heat.


Laurel Wreath, 3rd place

Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, Finalist

Holt Medallion, Award of Merit

Night Owl Romance, Reviewer Top Pick

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5 hearts! -- REVIEWER TOP PICK!
"Man oh man this one was one roller coaster of sex, passion and oh so vivid you can imagine yourself at the resort… Great book and can't wait for more by Opal Carew. Ms. Carew has wonderful imagination and great talent."
Melinda, Night Owl Romance

4.5 Blue Ribbons!
"Opal Carew's SWING is a blazing hot erotic romp... a must-read for lovers of erotic romance. A fabulously fun and stupendously steamy read for a cold winter's night. This one's so hot, you might need to wear oven mitts while you're reading it!"
Romance Junkies

She was the one.  Ty was sure of it.

Melissa Hart.

He watched the woman, with her pert little nose, full sexy lips, and wavy ash-blond hair caressing her shoulders, as she listened to the host outline the etiquette at the resort.  She wore an alluring black dress, cinched in at the waist, which revealed an enticing glimpse of cleavage and plenty of long, shapely leg.  Although she fit in completely with the other wives, something in his gut told him she wasn’t here for a weekend of sex.

Which was a damned shame because a weekend of sex with her was a hell of an exciting prospect.  His body tightened in response to the thought of dragging that voluptuous body against his, her tight nipples pressing into his chest as his tongue invaded her soft, sweet mouth.

But she was the woman he’d been hired to watch.  She was the woman who could well destroy the reputation of this resort. Ty was not about to let Melissa Hart, or anyone else for that matter, ruin his closest friend’s business.

She glanced his way and their gazes caught. He found himself staring into her soft blue eyes and he smiled.  She was certainly an attractive woman.  Maybe in this case, business could be mixed with a little pleasure.  Her face glowed red and she curled her fingers around her husband’s hand as she glanced away again.

“Be sensitive to others,” the host said.  “Always ask, and remember, ‘no’ means ‘no’.”

“Also remember,” the hostess, a tall, blue-eyed woman with raven hair, broke in, “that it is perfectly acceptable to sit back and watch.”  She winked.  “But believe me, participating is much more fun.”  A few nervous giggles twittered around the group.

Melissa glanced toward the clock, carefully avoiding the gaze of the darkly handsome man who’d been watching her.  And still was.  Her heart-beat accelerated as his disturbing gaze slid down her body, then rested on the swell of her breasts before continuing down to her crossed legs.  She forced herself not to shift in her chair.

She tightened her grip on Shane’s hand.  Shane smiled at her, then turned his attention back to the auburn-haired beauty with emerald eyes a few chairs away.  If Shane had been her real husband, she would have been jealous at the way he flirted with the other woman, but he wasn’t her husband.  In fact, she was a little jealous, but she and Shane were just good friends and, despite wishing their relationship could be more, she had good reasons for keeping it the way it was.

His flirting, however, made their role here appear more real.  She should be doing the same thing, but there was no way she was going to have sex with a stranger.

She intended to play the ‘I just want to observe’ card a great deal, and by ‘observe’ she meant the rituals not others having sex.  No one should be surprised, since the host said that it was quite common for newbies to take a few days to open up.  After that, she should have enough information that it wouldn’t matter what people thought.

She chanced a quick glance at the dark stranger, who had introduced himself as Ty Adams, as he whispered something to his blond, blue-eyed, aerobic-instructor-perfect wife.  The problem was, Melissa sensed this guy, with the midnight eyes that could chip away at a woman’s resolve, would view a newbie like her as a challenge.  And she had the impression that whatever challenge this man took on, he pursued with a vengeance.

“Now I suggest,” the host said, “that you all take a look around the resort.  There is a welcome dance in the ballroom.  Feel free to talk to the other members and ask questions.  Everyone is very friendly.”  He grinned.  “There are various bars and,” he winked, “specialty rooms available.  These are outlined in the orientation booklet.  And you can always take a dip in the pool or soak in one of the four hot tubs – bathing suits optional, of course.”

Melissa wrote down each of his suggestions in her notebook, ignoring her uneasiness at the thought of naked people lounging around the pool doing who-knows-what and especially trying not to imagine what went on in the specialty rooms.

“One more piece of advice.”  The hostess smiled at them.  “Don’t stay with your spouse this evening.  Practice experiencing the club and meeting other people on your own.

“If you have any questions, we’ll be circulating around the club.  Now, go have fun.”

Everyone took that as a cue and stood up.  Couples began milling toward the door.

“Do you want me to stay with you?” Shane’s eyebrows rose.

Shane was such a sweetheart, coming to the resort with her to give her moral support, willing to stay with her now when, clearly, he wanted to pursue that gorgeous red-head. 

“No, they suggested we separate.”

The thought of roaming around this place on her own filled her stomach with butterflies, but she was a big girl and she could handle it. 

As Shane crossed the room, Auburn-Hair smiled at him, her face lighting up.  They chatted for a moment, she laughed, then he slid his arm around her waist and they slipped through the door.

Melissa noticed Mr. Dark-Eyes standing by his wife’s side as she chatted with the hostess.  He smiled at Melissa.  Calmly, she returned his smile then headed for the door, relieved when he did not follow her.

She returned to the lobby, then followed the signs to the ballroom.  Soft music flowed from the room.  She walked straight to the bar, then sat on one of the high, wooden stools and ordered an orange and cranberry juice.

“So you’re a virgin,” a woman’s voice said.

Melissa glanced at the lady to her left.  “I beg your pardon?”

The slender, brunette smiled, her green-eyed gaze taking in Melissa’s black wrap-dress, her velvety high-heeled shoes trimmed with sequins, then returning to her face.  Her red lips parted to reveal pearly-white teeth.  She nodded to Melissa’s name badge, with the little lipstick kiss symbol on the corner.

“That’s what we call new members.  Virgins.”

“Oh.”  Melissa picked up her drink and churned the straw through the crushed ice, blending the orange and red juices.  “Yeah, that’s me.”

“It’s strange being at a place like this for the first time.”  She smiled, resting her elbow against the bar.  “I’ve been a member for years.  If you have any questions, just ask.”

This was the perfect opportunity for Melissa to find out more about what went on here, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask.  Not until she became more comfortable with the place.  If that ever happened.

“Thanks.”  She took a sip of her drink.

“Sure, honey.”  She held out her hand.  “Karen Smeed.”

Melissa shook her hand.  “I’m Melissa Hart.”

A man stepped to the bar and Melissa cringed, fearing he was going to approach her, but he slid his arm around Karen’s waist.

“Hello, sweetheart.  I see you’ve made a new friend.”

“Yes, Derrick, this is Melissa.”  Her voice took on a conspiratorial tone.  “She’s a virgin.”

Melissa wished the woman would stop saying that.

“Really?”  A smile spread across his rugged face and his eyes twinkled.  “Isn’t that delightful.”

His hand slid higher and he cupped Karen’s breast.  Melissa’s breath caught and she kept her gaze on Karen’s face, trying valiantly to ignore the way Derrick’s fingers circled over her breast and how the nipple rose to a clear outline through the thin fabric.  Karen arched forward, forcing her breast fully into his hand.

“This man knows how to work a pair of breasts.”

Melissa gazed around and noticed a few people glancing their way.  Her face heated.

“We’d love you join us, Melissa.” She rested her hand on Melissa’s arm.  Melissa stiffened at the woman’s touch.

“Derrick is very good with virgins.  I can just watch or…”  Her fingers stroked along Melissa’s arm.  “… join in.  There’s nothing like a good licking from another woman, don’t you think?”

“I, uh…”  Panic overwhelmed Melissa.  She wanted to pull away but she couldn’t.

“Ah, never tried it.”  She squeezed Melissa’s arm in encouragement.  “Well, that’s what this place is about.  Trying new things.”  She smiled wickedly.  “And talking about new things, if you want to invite your husband along, you could try two men at the same time.  You’ve never felt pleasure until you’ve had one cock in your cunt and another up your –”

“Melissa, there you are.”

Melissa jumped at the voice and a hand clamping simultaneously on her shoulder.  She glanced around and came face-to-face with Ty Adams.

“I told my wife about your proposition and she would love for you to join us.”  Ty held out his hand and she grabbed it like a life line.  As he drew her to her feet, he turned to Karen.  “Sorry to interrupt, but Melissa and I have a prior agreement.”

Disappointment crossed the woman’s face, but she smiled sweetly.  “Of course.  Maybe later, Melissa.”

Melissa just stared at her dumbfounded as Ty gently tugged her away from the bar.  She followed him across the room, then out a door to a patio beyond.  She sucked in a breath of fresh air.  The rolling waves of the ocean serenaded them as they walked beneath the glittering cascade of stars in the black sky.

Finally, Melissa regained her composure and stopped in her tracks.

“Wait a minute.  I’m not going to join you and your wife –”

He waved her words away.  “I know that.  I just thought you could use some rescuing.  Not that I don’t think you could have handled yourself.”

“Of course, I could.”

But Melissa hadn’t handled herself at all well.  What had come over her?  Shock, most likely.  She had suspected people were as brazen as Karen and her husband in a swingers’ club – that’s one of the reasons she didn’t want her sister anywhere near a place like this – but Melissa really hadn’t anticipated being approached in such a bold manner.

“Apparently, Karen can be hard to escape once she’s set her sights on you.”

“Thank you.”

For the first time, she realized how warm and comforting his hand felt wrapped around hers.  Tendrils of warmth coiled up her arm into her body and spiraled downward.  She remembered Karen’s breast, pointed and aroused, Derrick’s fingers curling over the tip of her nipple.  Melissa’s nipples peaked, longing for a man’s touch.  This man’s touch.  Which made no sense at all.  Wanting Shane’s touch – that she understood. She’d wanted to make love with Shane for a long time. But this man was a stranger.  This man was a lecherous husband who frequented swingers’ clubs in search of lewd sex with other men’s wives.

Actually, he was a newbie, the voice of reason reminded her.  Just like her.  That meant he hadn’t done this before either.  The difference was, Melissa wasn’t really a swinger.  She’d come here to find out what the club was like and prevent her sister from making a big mistake.

This guy was here for the sex.

And Melissa damned well wouldn’t be the one to give it to him!

People laughed nearby, then Melissa heard a splash.

“The pool must be nearby.”  Melissa glanced to the right and saw a clump of bushes.  Probably on the other side.

“Do you want to check it out?”

She nodded and headed toward them, then suddenly remembered the swimsuits-optional rule.  She slowed, but he kept going.  She peered around the bushes and there was a beautiful free-form pool with a waterfall at one end.  Colored lights reflected on the falling water and people reclined around the edge of the pool, several floating in the aqua water.

To Melissa’s relief, all of them wore bathing suits.  Not a naked breast, or any other private body part, in sight.

“There’s a hot tub over there.”  Ty pointed beyond the pool to a tub that seemed carved from stone.

“It’s lovely.”

As they passed another set of bushes, further from the building, she caught sight of a second hot tub.  She sat down on a wooden bench by a flowering bush, enjoying the warm night air and the smell of the ocean.  Ty sat down beside her.

There were two women and a man in the hot tub, and a man lounging on the side.  As Melissa watched, one of the women stood up and Melissa realized the woman was topless.

The man slid his hands around her waist and drew her onto his lap, then – to Melissa’s complete horror – he cupped her breasts.  The woman moaned as her head lolled back, resting on his shoulder.

Melissa’s gaze remained glued to the scene, despite her embarrassment, especially with Ty sitting beside her.  Melissa’s nipples hardened and intense need ached within her.  All she could think about while watching the man’s hands circle over the woman’s breasts, her nipples thrusting outward in eager arousal, was that she wanted a man’s hands on her breasts, too.

“Feel like a dip?” Ty asked.

His voice startled her and her gaze locked on his.  Humor danced in those dark, midnight eyes.

Oh, God, he knew she was turned on.  She was sure of it.


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