Secret Weapon Secret Weapon
Contemporary Erotic Romance
September 13, 2011
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-67460-1
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There’s only one thing hotter than a man in uniform…when he takes it off.

Threesomes and men of the law have always been two of Janine’s biggest turn-ons. So when her boyfriend offers to invite one of his buddies from the police force into their bedroom, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. But when the extra man shows up, the last thing she expects is for it to be Sloan Granger—a man from her past.

Janine is the one woman who Sloan’s never been able to forget, and now that their worlds have collided, he has a second chance to win her back. Even though she refuses to let him back into her life, he’s determined to change her mind—no matter what the cost. His love for her has always been his greatest weakness, but this time, it’s also his most powerful weapon…



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4.5 Stars!
"...there are a lot of twists to this roller coaster ride of a story... A scorcher of a read, I was unable to put this one down."
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4.5 Stars!   Reader Top Pick!
Elf, Night Owl Review

Chapter One

Sloan Granger hung up his uniform and closed his locker. He was still getting used to life on the police force in the beautiful town of Kenora, Maine. He'd moved here two months ago and didn't regret his decision to leave L.A. at all. It was quieter here and more relaxed, which meant he could focus on more important things than the stresses of the job.

Derek Jameson, still dressed in his own uniform, walked into the locker room.

"Hey, Sloan." He opened his locker a few down from Sloan's, then sat on the flat wooden bench and untied his shoes. "Any big plans for the weekend?"

"Not really. You have something in mind?"

He and Derek had gone out for beers and worked out at the gym a couple of times.

"That depends. Are you seeing anyone right now?"

Sloan raised an eyebrow at the question. "No. I've been too busy settling in." But Sloan knew exactly whom he intended to start dating. Derek didn't know it - none of his new friends did - but Janine was the reason Sloan had chosen to move to Kenora.

Janine and Sloan had history. They'd grown up together and, if things hadn't gotten screwed up because of devastating events, they would be in a relationship right now. But fate had kicked them both in the butt and sent them in different directions. Janine had moved to Kenora six years ago. Mostly to get away from Sloan. He knew that, and he was here to fix it.

"Great. I was wondering if you were free on Friday night."

"Are you trying to fix me up with someone?" Sloan asked. "Because I'm really not interested."

"First, this isn't a fix up . . . exactly . . . and second, if you're not interested in what I'm about to suggest, you need to have your head examined."

Sloan sat down on the bench, too. "Okay, I'll bite. What's on the table?"

Derek leaned toward him. "I go out with this really hot woman and . . . she really likes pushing the envelope, if you know what I mean."

"So you're suggesting what, exactly?" Sloan hadn't been with a woman in quite awhile - how could he since all he could do lately was think about Janine? He intended to win Janine's heart, but a wild, no-strings-attached hookup with Derek's woman sounded hot. He had to admit, he was tempted.

"She has this fantasy of having sex with a stranger. We've done it where she's had a blindfold on and we pretend she doesn't know me, but she'd like to try the real thing. I told her I could find someone I trust, and who would be discreet."

"So it would be just her and me?" That would be a bit weird. Making out with a total stranger, knowing she was Derek's girlfriend.

"No, I'll be there. Watching. And getting involved if that seems comfortable once things get started. She'll be blindfolded, at least at first, to heighten the situation. That should make things less awkward, too."

"Sounds like you have this all planned out. You do this a lot?"

"Not the stranger thing. This is the first time. But we've done threesomes before."

Sloan grinned. "Wow, you've got a really hot one there."

Derek grinned. "Hot in attitude and looks." He pulled his wallet from his pocket and flipped it open to a picture of a beautiful brunette with an angelic smile.

Sloan's heart stopped as he stared at the picture of Janine.

*  *  *

Sloan's heart thundered in his chest as he climbed behind the wheel of his car then sat staring out the windshield at the gray brick wall of the police station.

Derek was dating Janine. Worse, Derek shared her with other men. Sloan's stomach twisted. His sweet, wonderful Janine.

God, she'd always pushed the boundaries as a teen. Staying out late. Trying to get attention from Ben and from Sloan. Of course, she'd always had Sloan's attention, but she had an impish side that required her to torture Sloan as best she could. Or so it had always seemed to him.

Later she always seemed to have a lot of guys around, but he'd never dreamed...

She'd never appeared to get serious about anyone. He'd always hoped it was because she was waiting for him. If things had been different... If Ben hadn't-

His throat closed and he shook his head, scattering the painful memories before they settled into his mind again, dragging him through hell.

Sloan's hands tightened around the steering wheel. God damn it. Things should have gone differently. She should have been his. If only he hadn't been such an idiot and delayed pursuing a relationship with her for so long.

He started the car and put it into gear, then pulled out of the parking lot and turned left on Jarvis Street. He'd told Derek he'd let him know later. But for God's sake, how could he show up out of the blue as Janine's fantasy stranger? When she saw him, she'd...

He turned on Bloomington Street. What would she do? She was an experienced woman, pushing the sexual envelope. She thought nothing of having sex with more than one man at a time, or of having sex, blindfolded, with a total stranger. His fingers tightened around the gearshift as he shifted into fourth.

What would she do if she took off the blindfold and saw Sloan?

His groin tightened at the thought of Janine lying naked beneath him, a blindfold covering her eyes, his swollen cock gliding inside her. He sucked in a deep breath. God he wanted so badly to make love to her. To experience that with her.

The stranger thing was her fantasy. Would it be so wrong to suggest to Derek that he agree to do the fantasy as long as she kept the blindfold on the whole time? That way she'd never know it was him and he'd get a chance to do what he'd always wanted to do with Janine. Make intense, passionate love to her. Even if she didn't know it was him.

On the other hand, if he didn't do it, Derek would find someone else, and that thought drove Sloan crazy. He didn't want another man touching her. It was bad enough that Derek made love to her on a regular basis, but some stranger...

God damn, the fact that she was in a relationship with Derek...

How serious were they? He turned from Bloomington Street onto Carriage Drive, a beautiful tree-lined street of large, stately houses.

Given that they invited other partners into the relationship, he would guess they weren't all that serious. If they were, they wouldn't be looking for excitement outside the relationship.

That meant he just had to wait it out.

Maybe he could find a way to become a regular third in their bed, since she seemed to be okay with that kind of thing. Then when her relationship with Derek waned, Sloan would be right there.

He'd had a chance to have her in his life - to love her and be loved by her - but he'd blown it. Now nothing would stop him from winning her love. He would convince her he was the right man for her, the one to make her happy for the rest of her life.

Somehow he would convince Janine to marry him.

But this Friday night, he would be her fantasy stranger.

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