Hot Ride Ready To Ride #1 - Hot Ride
Erotic Short Story
Volume 1, The Ready To Ride Series

April 2014
ISBN: 978-1927444115
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Hot, hard, fast, and handles like a dream!
Oh yeah, and the bike's not bad either.

Hayley is looking for more excitement in her life, but doesn’t know how to find it. Excitement finds Rip, a biker who’s seen more than his share of trouble.

When trouble finds Rip yet again and a bar brawl starts, both he and Hayley are thrown to the curb. Hayley knows this is her chance to find the excitement she so craves, but Rip doesn’t want to be some good girl’s bad-boy experience, so he turns down her advances, leaving her feeling rejected.

But life is never that simple for Rip, and he soon finds himself in her bed and wanting more. When his three biker friends show up, Hayley’s love of numbers turns into an erotic adventure none of them will ever forget.

But is there a chance for more than that between Hayley and Rip? Find out by taking a Hot Ride you’ll never forget.




NJRW Golden Leaf 2014 Finalist
NJRW Golden Leaf 2014 Finalist

Ready To Ride Series

Ready To Ride
Book 1 & 2 Collection
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Hot Ride
Wild Ride
Wild Ride
Riding Steele
Riding Steele
Hard Ride
Hard Ride

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Bikers, tattoos and sex!

"...HOT, HOTTER, and so....... "SCORCHING HOT"! If you only have time to read one story, I recommend Hot Ride, by Opal Carew!

Hot bikers... Need I say more?

"So far I've only read Opal Carew's Hot Ride and all I can say is WOW. OMG did I ever love this story. What's better than 1 hot man?.... Well, 4, of course. And to include dp into the story just made my day.

Wow that was definitely a Hot Ride... scorching HOT.

"When I first read Ms. Carew's [Taken By Storm] in Unraveled ... I knew that I would be following her writing. Then I read His To Possess and now I have to say that I am looking forward to the other books in this series ... I love his Ms. Carew's writing style it's descriptive and clear and it's so captivating that it leaves you wanting more..."
Monica Cardoza

Bad Boy's Hell Yeah!

"If you love bad boy's with tattoo's and who drive a smoking hot bike, then you want to read Hot Ride by Opal Carew, part of the Riding Desire: Alpha Bad Boy Biker Boxed Set. Hot Ride start's out with the old saying about a stranger that walks into a bar and the woman who wants one night with him, but by the time you finish reading, you are rooting for them. Oh and if you love some hot, sweaty, steamy, need a cold shower books then this is for you. I haven't read the other stories, but I'm buying the set today, so I can read the rest of the books, because if the other's are as good as Hot Ride, I'll be needing more than one cold shower!!
Emily E. Allen "Emily Allen Writing God"

"Hot Ride by Opal Carew is a start of a new series and I can't wait until the next book in the series! Bikers are HOT and if having one hot man isn't melt-worthy, his friends just made me a puddle!"

HOT RIDE by Opal Carew was just that, HOT!!
"I love stories about people who are not happy with the direction their life is headed in and how they find a new direction. Adding a sexy biker to the mix is enough to ramp up the heat in this story!!"
The Reading Librarian

The young woman-Hayley-gazed at Rip, her eyes widened. Well, fuck, of course she'd be nervous about walking down a dark alley with the likes of him. If she were his sister, he wouldn't want her taking a chance like that.

He took her hand and raised it to his mouth. The feel of her soft skin as he brushed his lips against it made him long to feel more of her. His groin tightened at the thought of kissing her, then exploring her round, beautiful breasts. The creamy swell of them exposed by her deep neckline had been teasing him all evening.

"I promise. I'll get you to your hotel, safe and sound."

She stared into his eyes, mesmerized, then she nodded.

He smiled and took her hand, then led her into the alley. A cat darted in front of them, startling her. She drew close to him, clutching his arm. The feel of her warm, soft body pressed to his side sent his hormones to alert status, but he ignored that and slipped his arm around her protectively, drawing her close. It didn't help that he kept remembering when her gaze had dropped to his crotch with obvious interest after he'd told her about his name. He was glad she didn't know that he actually got the name because his fellow bikers had caught him reading Ripley's Believe It or Not one day.

She took another step, but then stopped. "There's another problem."

"What's that?"

"Well, I'm basically barefoot, and I have no idea what might be on the ground ahead."

"Right. I'm pretty sure I saw broken glass near where I parked the bike."

"I could hobble along with my broken-Oh!"

He scooped her up into his arms and she slid her hands around his shoulders.

* * *

Oh, God, Hayley felt so tiny and light in this big man's arms. She could stay here all day, lulled in his embrace. As he walked, the gentle rocking of his body soothed her.

"We're here."

Her eyelids popped open. Had she really dozed off? The combination of white wine spritzers, a long flight in, and staying up way too late last night finishing up work, since she was taking an extra long weekend, was knocking her on her butt.

She glanced toward a big, powerful looking motorcycle parked close to the brick wall. It was black and intimidating, adorned with a blazing red and orange flame. It had shiny chrome wheels and a big, black leather seat.

"It's nice," she said as he carried her toward it.

"Nice?" He chuckled and set her on her feet beside it. "Maybe big. Dangerous. Powerful." He grinned. "But nice?"

Oh, God, he was big and dangerous and powerful. Everything she dreamed of when she thought about her wildest fantasies coming true. And here he was, smiling down at her. She already missed his strong arms around her.

She gazed into his midnight blue eyes. "I like big, dangerous and powerful." She stepped closer and flattened her hand on his hard, muscular chest. The feel of rock-solid, sculpted muscles under the thin fabric of his T-shirt set her heart thumping. "Like you."

She dropped her shoes and purse, and slid her hands over his shoulders then stroked his raspy cheek. His eyes simmered with heat as she tipped up her face, then drew him toward her. His mouth brushed hers lightly, and she flicked her tongue against his lips and slid timidly inside. He growled and deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her tighter to his hard body, then gliding his tongue deep into her mouth.

She melted against him, heat simmering through her. But then he drew back.

"This isn't a good idea."

She blinked at his words. He was rejecting her?

"Don't you find me attractive?"

"It's not that."

Feeling bolder than she ever had, and determined not to let this opportunity slip away, she grasped his hand and drew it to her chest, then placed it over her aching breast. Her nipple hardened, pushing into his palm.

His dark eyes glowed like a blazing fire, glittering with sparks.

In a sudden movement, she felt herself pushed back against the building. Her breath caught as his big, solid body crushed her tight to the cold brick wall.

Oh, God, had she made a mistake? He was so big and intimidating, and right now, he looked determined and… almost feral. He pivoted his hips forward and she could feel a hard bulge against her stomach, proof that he was aroused by her. Anxiety spiked through her, and a little fear, but right alongside those feelings was a wild surge of excitement.

He grabbed her wrists and pushed them over her head, then held them tight, his striking midnight eyes locked on hers. She could feel the erratic pounding of her blood pumping through her veins.

She had never felt so alive.

God, she wanted him to take her. Right here. Right now.

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