His To Possess #1: The ChaseHis To Possess
Contemporary Erotic Romance
March 18, 2014
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9780312674649
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His to Possess is the intoxicating tale of a woman torn between a dominant billionaire and a tattooed, bad boy rock musician. Originally published as a six-part serial, this complete edition features sizzling new bonus material.

Jessica’s life was in ruins…until she met him.

Standing in the rain feeling lost in a new city, with no job and no prospects, she’s about to give up. Until Dane Rainier pulls up in his limo and offers her a ride—and sweeps her into the life of her dreams. Now she has a high-powered job and is having the best sex of her life, exploring her submissive side under the masterful hand of a gorgeous billionaire.

But there’s a part of her that’s still holding back. Because the truth is, she’s never gotten over her ex-boyfriend Storm. A heavily muscled, motorcycle-riding rock musician, Storm couldn’t be any more different from Dane… and she just can’t get him out of her head. Now Storm is about to reappear and turn her whole world upside down. Both Dane and Storm make her body burn to be possessed, but will her indecisive heart cost her the love of both men?

Related stories: Although each of Opal's books are stand-alone, after reading His To Possess you can follow Dane's brother's story in His To Claim. And Jessica's story before His To Possess can be found in Taken By Storm.



CRW 2015 Award of Excellence
     Erotic Romance Finalist

The Romance Reviews
     Reviewer Top Pick

The Romance Review
Here are links to the original ebooks where this title is published as a six-part e-serial novel:
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Dec 24, 2013
His To Possess #2: The Morning After
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His To Possess #3: Perfect Storm
#3 Perfect Storm

Dec 31, 2013
His To Possess #4: True Lies
#4 True Lies

Jan 7, 2014
His To Possess #5: Entables
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Jan 14, 2014
His To Possess #6: Forever
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Jan 21, 2014

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5 Stars!  Reviewer Top Pick!
Amazing, utterly hot and intense!

"This story totally blew me away.... This new series by Ms. Carew is totally engaging.... This amazing book, HIS TO POSSESS, is utterly hot, intense, fierce, and passionate. Ms. Carew's writing style is amazing. I will have to check out more of her books.... This is a must read series!!!"
CozyReader, The Romance Reviews

5 Stars!
A must read!

"I loved this book. It had everything, love, passion, suspense and of course amazing sex. Sex that was so intense that you were sitting on the edge of your chair. If you haven't read Opal Carew's books before, I recommend you pick this one as your first."
Emily E. Allen "Emily Allen Writing God"

5 Stars!

"Opal Carew is a fabulous, creative genius. His To Possess is a scorching hot read, the sex scenes are some of the best I've ever read.... The sexual tension is palpable and gives the beginning of the novel an air of anticipation that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat until they give in and have explosive, passionate sex.... If I had to choose one word to describe this book it would be shocking, the plot twists are phenomenal and will leave the reader with their jaw hanging open wondering "did that really just happen?". It seems that every chapter dropped some sort of crazy bomb in the plot and it was amazing, it will keep you turning pages because you just have to find out what is going to happen next. There was nothing predictable with this story and I found the ending really surprising and not what I would have expected but it was great. Opal Carew does not write run of the mill love stories, His To Possess is complex, intriguing and off the charts hot!"

4.5 Stars!

"It was a great book! I've read all of Opal's books - and if you love EROTICA - you can just buy anything that has her name on it! You won't ever be disappointed.... Just like ALL of Opal's books, this one was perfectly written and it had the perfect amount of sex and feelings...."
BJs Book Blog "Bianca"

5 Stars!
Another Sexy Read !!!

"Opal Carew has done it again!! This book has everything....great story line,sex, romance and just enough omg moments. This is a must read ! I couldn't put it down."
Reader Debbie Hiltz

5 Stars!
I loved this book

"It is a must read. I have put this book on my re-read list."
Reader Annette Burns

5 Stars!
Loved it!

"What a fantastic book, this book was so sexy and hot that I needed a fan to cool me down throughout most of the book!"
Reader Rose Martz

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