His To Command #1: The Chase His To Command #1: The Chase
Contemporary Erotic Romance
January 8, 2013
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN-13: 978-1250033147
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From author Opal Carew comes the first sizzling segment in the erotic serial novel His to Command that explores one woman's surrender to desire at the hands of a dominant billionaire.

Strong, independent, smart, Kate is a modern business woman who knows exactly how to run her well organized world. But underneath her professional exterior lurks a secret she's been running from for years...a secret desire to be dominated that both exhilarates her and terrifies her. When an old lover, Matt Pearce, unexpectedly shows up, Kate is bombarded by sensual memories of their affair. Matt was the first and only man to give her a taste of domination, and she's never been able to forget. But though she's spent years trying to forget him, this time she may not be able to get away.


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4.5 Blue Ribbons!
Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

5 Stars!
I was totally engrossed by this book!

As always, Opal Carew's writing is full of drama and sexy tension! I like the build up of the serial format and can't wait to dive into the other books! I think Opal puts her own interesting spin on the new 50 Shades sub-genre that has sprung up and her voice is infinitely passionate and compelling.
Reader "Looking_for_great_books"

5 Stars!
Wow! I have found my latest book obsession!

Kate and Matt Pierce are combustable together--and their story is a real page clicker. This is the first installment and I promise, you will be glued to your reader until you read the last word and then desperately hungry to read the next one (that's how I felt anyway)... I can't wait to read the next part and fall deeper into their story!
Reader "WillaReads"

5 Stars!
Wow! 50 Shades of Great!

This story has many similarities to 50 Shades of Grey, but Kate is stronger, smarter and more mature than Ana, so I identified with her more. I raced through this installment barely stopping to breathe, and I am desparate to snuggle up in bed tonight with the next part of the story... My only complaint is that I can't stop fantasizing about Matt Pierce. He can command me any time!
Reader "Mary"

4 Stars!
Always a fan of Opal Carew, I was happy to see a new release from her.

And I have to say, I think she's gotten off to another great start! Kate is likable and very real (and not some wilting, passive, virginal violet), and I can already tell I'm going to be drooling over Matt in the chapters to come. Definitely very sexy! ... Canít wait to read the rest!
Barnes & Noble Reader

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