Crystal Genie
Contemporary Fantasy Erotic Romance Novella
July 2010
Red Sage

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Can a woman who has never believed in love and a genie who distrusts all women break down the barriers between them to find a true love that will last forever?

Celeste does not trust love, especially since sheís watched both her mother and her sister stay with men who mistreat them just because those men claim to love them.

Zurvan, the genie Celeste frees from an ancient crystal, also doesnít trust love, nor does he trust women. He was imprisoned, tortured and cursed by Atia, a woman who claims she loved him yet punished him because he couldnít love her back.

Once the barriers crumble between Zurvan and Celeste, and Celeste realizes she would gladly sacrifice herself for Zurvanís happiness, will they both learn to trust the love that blazes between them? And if so, how do they deal with the fact that Zurvan is cursed to eternal imprisonment?


New Jersey Romance Writers
2010 Golden Leaf Award Finalist


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5 Delightful Divas!
"I've seen Opal Carew's books in the book store, but I've never read any until now. I knew the author's name and the summary sounded interesting so I decided to give Crystal Genie a try. I've been pleasantly surprised and I wish I would have known what I'd been missing sooner! Crystal Genie is a creative, really fun read.

This story is erotic and explicit throughout the book, but Ms. Carew makes it work in a perfect manner. I wouldn't want it any other way. She's quite a descriptive author and I thoroughly enjoyed this story. This is NOT your average genie story.

I loved the ending as it's quite funny and surprising at the same time. I highly recommend Crystal Genie by Opal Carew and I will absolutely be reading more from her! "
Shelly, Dark Diva Reviews

4 Stars!
"Crystal Genie [is] a highly original short story that [will] leave you hot and bothered and make you think about what love truly is. And no, the extremely hot and wonderful sex wasn't part of the wishes. It was freely given by Zurvan who ached for Celeste, having gone without a woman for three thousand years. And in the process, they discovered something wonderful about each other, something that I couldn't say because it would be a spoiler. All I can say is that love makes everything worth it, whatever the outcome, and the end came with a twist that would make you smile."
The Raving Readers

4+ Stars!
"This is a short quirky story that plays on the genie and three wishes theme. However, itís also more than that. Itís erotic and romantic as well as mysterious. [...] I enjoyed this fun story and was pleasantly surprised at the ending. In many ways this story stepped out of the norm and looked at things from outside the box making it unique and refreshing."
Night Owl Reviews

4+ Stars!
"...complex story of betrayal and eternal love... erotically enticing... red-hot sex..."
Teagan S. Boyd, Book Wenches


Chapter 1

It had been calling to her all day.

Celeste carefully unwrapped the tissue, revealing the clear quartz crystal she'd bought this afternoon at Crystal Dreams. Reverently, she picked it up and stared into its liquid depths. She felt like she'd found a long lost treasure. More than that, she had the profound feeling that this stone had the power to change her life.

A beautiful imperfection inside obscured the clarity, but as she held the crystal up to the light a rainbow of iridescent flecks glittered in its depths.

A powerful feeling unsettled her. As she cradled the crystal in her hand, warmth emanated from it and it seemed to pulse with life. She stared deeper into the crystal, mesmerised.

The sound of the telephone snapped her back to reality. She snatched the phone from the end table beside her.


"Celeste, you're single and home on a Friday night? Pretty lame, Sis."

Celeste slumped back on the couch and drummed her fingers on the table.

"What happened to 'Hi, Celeste. How's it going?'" she asked.

"It's obvious how it's going. You know, with your looks you could get any guy you want yet here you are on a Friday night with no date." Concern laced her sister Helen's words, softening Celeste's building irritation. "You have a great body and a lovely face, but you insist on wearing your hair pink and spiky."

"It's not pink. It's violet with magenta streaks."

"You know, if you let your hair go back to its natural blond and grew it long, you'd have to beat them off with a stick."

Celeste shrugged. "If a guy doesn't accept me for what I am -"

Helen snorted.

"Yeah, right. If Mr. Perfect walked into your life right now, you wouldn't even give him a chance."

Celeste glared at the phone, annoyance sparking inside her.

"Well, that'll never happen, Helen, because Mr. Perfect doesn't exist." She gulped a sip of her root beer. "Look, is there a reason you called, other than to badger me about not having a man?"

At the silence on the other end of the phone, Celeste felt her insides tighten.

"Well, I called to tell youÖ I've left George."

Celeste's heart compressed. Again. She couldn't bring herself to say she was sorry to hear it. Her sister had left her husband twice before and Celeste hoped it was for good this time.

"I'll be staying at Mum's for a while. I'll be going to the lake with her and Graham this weekend to help them open the cottage. I'll talk to you next week."

"Okay. Take care."

Celeste hit the 'End' button and placed the phone on the table, then slumped back on the couch.

Helen deserved better than that bum, George. As far as Celeste knew, he'd never hit her sister, but his verbal abuse made Celeste sick.

Ain't love grand.

Of course, Helen chose to stay with Mum rather than Celeste because Mum would talk her into going back. Apparently, it didn't matter how bad the guy was or how unhappy he made you, if you loved him you couldn't leave. Or so their mother claimed.

Celeste, on the other hand, would help Helen see reason. Which, of course, is why she doesn't come here.

She reached for her crystal again, and held it up to the light, staring at the subtle, glittering rainbow inside. Fingerprints marred the view, so she rubbed the crystal on the soft wool of her sweater to polish the surface.

Again, the crystal seemed to pulse in her hand. The air felt thicker around it, like a fuzzy, charged force-field. A quiver trembled up her arm and through her body. She plunked the crystal onto the coffee table, eyeing it uncertainly. A rumble, like thunder in the distance, accompanied a crackling sound. The air seemed electrified and a slight smell of ozone tickled her nose. Corners of papers on her light-maple side table stirred, then fluttered as air swirled through the room. Growing uneasiness quivered through her.

What in heavens name was going on?

The rumbling increased and a sharp clap accompanied by a brilliant flash sent her heart-rate accelerating as she shielded her eyes with her hand. Good heavens, had lightning struck?

Slowly, she lowered her hand to peer at the crystal. It sat quietly on the table, amidst the papers still fluttering in the inexplicable breeze.

"I am Zurvan, genie of the crystal."

The deep, baritone voice ripped her gaze three feet to the right to rest on a tall man wearing emerald-green. A shirt in a satiny fabric under a vest intricately embroidered with gold thread and tiny beads, and long, flowing pants billowing in the gusty air. Her eyes widened and she tried to calm her quivering nerves with a long, deep breath.

He stood before her, arms crossed over his chest, looking like some ancient god. Long hair, glossy black, swirled around him. His face was like handsomely sculpted granite, strong and hard, but starkly sensual. Full lips blended into a strong chin.

She blinked, but the apparition remained. Genie of the crystal? The guy looked like something straight out of the Arabian Nights - like a very sexy version of Aladdin's genie.

And he seemed vaguely familiar. Like a hazy image from a dream.

Her gaze shifted back to his lips. Sexy. Inviting. Lips she'd love to kiss.

His dark, green eyes, the colour of moss in the shadowed depths of a forest, locked onto her. His eyebrows lowered like dark storm clouds.

"A woman!" His enraged voice rumbled through the room.

Suddenly, he started growing, his height increasing several inches per second. She felt faint as her head tilted back, watching him rise above her. Ten feet. Twenty. Thirty. Somehow, her ceiling expanded upward to follow him. He glared down at her, green eyes blazing.

His huge hand swept toward her, then his fingers wrapped snugly around her from her waist to mid-thigh with his thumb under her breasts. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest as he swept her into the air.

"What are you doing? Let me go!"


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