Big PackageBig Package

Contemporary Erotic Romance Novella
Release Date: Oct 25, 2016
ISBN (ebook): 9781250118554

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Baby it's cold outside... but things are about to heat up.

I missed the last bus to my sister's for Christmas, and now I'm stranded in a bus station - in the middle of a blizzard - with a giant package covered in naughty wrapping paper.

Then he shows up: Kalen Welles, the football star from my high school fantasie - and offers me a ride.

Just when the car is getting cozy, the roads get shut down due to snow.

Luckily there's a nearby cabin where we can hole up for the night.

A warm fireplace, cozy blankets, pent-up longing we both spent years ignoring... maybe I'll be able to unwrap Kalen's big package before Christmas morning.

But when the snow clears and the ice melts, will the former football star and the shy nerd finally get a happy ending?



December 11, 2016


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