Virgin Wanted
Contemporary Romance
September 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9869664-7-7
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When Cade runs into a sparky-eyed beauty storming out of his office building, he’s intrigued. She’s spunky, determined — and she’s sexy as hell. When he realizes she’s mistaken him for a blue collar worker, he decides this is the perfect opportunity to get to know a woman he’s attracted to without worrying about whether she’s after his money.

Gill is determined to put Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome out of her mind, even though his touch ignites her passion like a keg of jet fuel. Mom calls that kind of passion infatuation. Cade calls it chemistry. Gill just calls it dangerous.

Former title: "Beyond the Clouds".


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5 Angels!
" emotional roller coaster of a story. Carew really knows how to bring the reader into the lives of her characters. This story is one any reader will want to pick up time and time again. ...truly shows how love can change the heart and soul of every person it touches."
Sarah, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Hearts!
…wow… hilarious… the sex is hot and intense… this is a great book…
Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio

4 Stars!
"...the quintessential love story about two people who meet by circumstance yet are fated to be together ...their chemistry is sizzling. I recommend this story for those enjoying a sweet love story laced with witty dialogue and steamy love scenes."
J.B. DuBose, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars!
"...a wonderful story guaranteed to bring a smile to your face... a thoroughly enjoyable story..."
Elise Lynn, eCataRomance Reviews

"…a totally refreshing and enthralling story… Gillian is one of the most wonderfully complex and likeable characters this reviewer has seen in a long while… comes alive on the pages”
Gina, Love Romances

“Carew is a talented writer… engrossing…”
Nancy Riggins-Hume, The Road to Romance

The lady-in-red bobbed her head down, ducking in front of him, as though … the thought bolted through Cade’s brain — as though hiding from someone. He glanced around, catching a glimpse of a silver-haired woman exiting the door from the elevator before the lady-in-red spun him back to face her.

“Stop it!” she hissed in a fierce whisper. “She’ll see me.” She shifted her hands to his shoulders and aligned him as a shield.

“Is this woman chasing you?” Concern twitched through him. “Are you in some kind of trouble?”

“No, nothing like that. I —” Her gaze shifted past him. “Oh, rats, she’s looking this way.”

The panic in her voice as she ducked again drew a surge of protectiveness from deep inside. The feel of her fingertips grazing his chest as she lowered her hands drew out the animal in him. The two feelings collided into one compelling urge. He grasped her shoulders and pulled her toward him. His mouth clamped over hers as he shifted to keep her hidden from the intruder.

She muttered and frantically tried to pull away, until he murmured against her mouth, “She wouldn’t think you’d be down here kissing a strange man, would she?” Then he fixed his lips firmly on hers again and soared toward heaven.

Gill stopped fighting as the truth of his words struck home. She felt his hands glide over her arms in a slow caress. His hands slid to her face, fingers tangling in her hair, cradling her gently. The hard-muscled warmth of his body against hers disturbed her on some deep level. His rib cage expanded against her chest with each breath he drew in, and the rhythm of push and pull increased steadily, as did the firm pounding of his heart.

Damnable man. He was doing her a favour, but did he have to enjoy it so much? She strove to stay immune. Tall, dark, and handsome was not her style — but something about this guy threatened to bypass her well-constructed barriers. His mouth moved persuasively on hers and she felt the rigid walls crumbling. As his tongue cajoled her lips apart, she held firm — for about a second, then parted her lips.

He tasted minty-male. She wanted to nestle into the warmth of his body and inhale his woodsy scent more deeply. Well, if he could enjoy it, why couldn’t she? After all, they both knew this was an act. As long as they remembered that, everything would be fine.

The tip of his tongue teased hers and she stroked the length of his. A slight moan escaped his mouth into hers and he swept his arms around her, dragging her against him.

There was a reason she was doing this — she just couldn’t remember what it was. Images — of her mother, an old truck, a gorgeous stranger — fluttered through her mind like a film stuttering through an old movie projector, hazy and erratic. Her heart, confined in too small a space, pounded against the walls of her chest. Her lungs, incapable of drawing enough air, refused to supply her brain with oxygen. She felt light-headed. She had to hang onto something or she’d fall — long and hard — so she hung onto the only thing handy. The hunk’s broad shoulders.

His arms tightened around her and she pressed herself firmly against him, feeling her breasts crush against his chest. His hands slid down her back to the swell of her buttocks. She felt a hardness against her stomach, informing her he was very aroused.

Sexually aroused.

She gasped and stepped back. How had she let things go so far?

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