The Cinderella Obsession
Contemporary Romance
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Can Vanessa risk falling in love with a man obsessed with a fantasy woman — even though that woman is her?

Vanessa always wanted to be Cinderella. Taking the opportunity to attend a lavish masquerade ball - even if she wasn't invited -is just too delightful an opportunity to resist. When Nicholas Powers drags her into his arms for the most explosive kiss she ever experienced, she floats on cloud nine. It is a fantasy night she'll never forget, even though she knows she would never have a chance with him. Especially when she winds up working for him as a temp and sees him obsessing about finding his Cinderella... a fantasy she can never fulfill.

Nick had never felt such fiery passion as he did when he held the dazzling beauty in his arms. She aroused him as no other woman could, then she ran away with his heart, leaving behind only an antique glass slipper earring. If only the mask hadn't hidden her features. Knowing no other woman could ever make him feel the way she did, he swears to find her and make her his. Why, then, does his little spark of a secretary make his pulse quicken?

(This book was formerly sold under the title "Masquerade of Love".)



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5 Angels!
"The relationship between Vanessa and Nicholas is magical. The sex scenes sensual, yet steamy! I must say that Masquerade of Love is wonderfully written. It is a journey of discovery, a search for love and a romance like none other. I'd like to recommend Masquerade of Love to everyone who loves a good love story!"
Rogue Storm, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Blue Ribbons!
"MASQUERADE OF LOVE is an amazing story. There really isn't enough praise for this intoxicating love story between two great characters. … a great story, filled with not only a fairy tale romance but some very serious relationship issues… This was a great story from start to finish … will keep you glued to your seat … definitely an author to keep your eye on."
Sarah W, Romance Junkies

4 Stars!
"...Carew has spun an exquisite contemporary Cinderella tale for her readers in MASQUERADE OF LOVE. … MASQUERADE OF LOVE was so well written ... that I had stars in my own eyes and felt the blushes of her character Vanessa as she got herself into one dilemma after another. This is a delightful read that will truly entertain and keep you amused to the last happily ever after!"
Donna, eCataRomance Reviews

"MASQUERADE OF LOVE is a wonderfully written Cinderella story with a few twists and turns. … I chuckled aloud… Carew weaves a wondrous tale of romance in MASQUERADE OF LOVE. I highly recommend this tale to all readers who enjoy a happy ending."
Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today

"…a fast paced novel that keeps the reader turning from the first page to the end."
Mariah LeGrand, Romance Reader at Heart

(At a masquerade ball, a gorgeous man dressed as Prince Charming mistakes Vanessa for a woman named Amy.)

Prince Charming led Vanessa outside into the mild spring night. The quiet, broken only by the occasional chirp of a cricket, enveloped them both. The sweet smell of cherry blossoms filled the air and stars glittered like diamond dust sprinkled across the sky. He led her through the garden to a lovely white gazebo. Under the silvery light of the moon, the heady scent of lilacs caressing her senses, he pulled her into his arms and gazed down at her.

“Amy, this is what you told me you wanted. Are you still sure?”

Moonlight cast his face in soft shadows. Mesmerized by his riveting blue eyes, she could only nod. Was he going to kiss her — or rather, Amy? She should protest. She must. But his body, strong against hers, felt so right, and a raging hunger tore through her, demanding that she let this happen. She’d never felt anything like this overwhelming need.

She nodded and his lips captured hers in a sweet, gentle assault. Her hands slid up his chest and curled around his neck, feeling the soft locks of his hair brush against her fingers. His tongue tantalized the edges of her mouth and she parted her lips and slipped her tongue out to meet his. A growl started low in his throat and what had been a light kiss flared, turning white hot and fiercely passionate. She clung to him tightly, moving her lips on his in an answering declaration of need. The impact vibrated through her body, reflected in his.

“Oh, God, Amy. You’ve never…” He pulled back and stared down at her intently. His fingers gently caressed her cheek. When she felt a slight tug on her mask, she jerked away, gasping.

“You aren’t Amy, are you? Who are you and why are you wearing Amy’s costume?”

She pushed against his chest, trying to free herself from his embrace. One thought blazed in her mind, blinding her to everything else.

She had to get away.

“Let me see your face,” he coaxed.

He started to reach for her mask again but, with a burst of strength, she jerked her hands from his grasp, batting his other hand from her mask.

She snatched up her skirt and raced through the bushes. How had she gotten herself into such a crazy mess? She pulled off her crinoline and wrapped it around her shoulders to protect the delicate bodice of the gown, then squeezed between the trunks.

More or less intact on the other side, she raced down the quiet street. As her hand brushed the curls behind her ear she realized something was wrong. She couldn't feel her glass slipper earring. Her fingers wrapped around her earlobe. It was gone!

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