In Too Deep
Romantic Suspense
November 30, 2011
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Angel is experienced in a lot of thingsĀ but love isn't one of them.

Angel has been deep undercover in the mob for too many years. Love is the last thing on her mind. Until Frank walks into her life once again. She almost fell in love with him four years ago, but had to betray him to the mob to protect her cover. He barely got away with his life, and now he hates her.

Too bad they've been partnered to work together. As man and wife.

This book was formerly sold under the titles "Virgin Spy" and "Undercover Blues".



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5 Stars!
"…a wonderful book from the very first page. I could not put it down… a great read!
Crystal, Enchanted in Romance

4.5 Stars!
"Carew grabs her reader's attention from the very first page and does not let it go until they reach the breath taking finale. Her characters come vividly to life in this sexy romantic adventure which will keep you breathlessly turning the pages well into the night. [In Too Deep] is a book you cannot afford to miss!"
Julie Bonello, ECataRomance Reviews

4.5 Roses!
"…a keeper on my shelf."
Theresa, A Romance Review

4 Hearts!
"[In Too Deep] is the first cop book that I have read in a while… the couple really has a spark that is impossible to ignore and we soon see the sparks flying between the two. I really enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to readers who just want a really good story to read."
Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio

4 Angels!
"…infused with emotion, tension and suspense from the first page."
Amanda, Fallen Angels Reviews

"[In Too Deep] is one book you do not want to let pass by. It overflows with romance, suspense, intrigue, all can be found in this one book! The story line was incredible, and the mystery was at an all time high with a shocking outcome… Totally unexpected. Frank and Cindy are strong characters, and the double identity made the story more enlightening. This book comes very highly recommended."
Shelina Emery,

"… intriguing plot... the story is fast-paced, and keeps the reader turning the pages... I recommend Carew to any who like the mystery romance genre."
Mariah, Romance Reader at Heart

"…a must read."
Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today

He had to get out. Now. The thought sizzled through Frank's brain like a current of electricity, while across the crowded ballroom the subject of his turmoil calmly played her game. Stunning in her shimmering blue gown, she glittered like a precious gem in this setting of the rich and elite.

Emotions clashed and careened wildly within him. Was that really Angel? The woman he had once loved. The woman he had hated for four long years. He couldn't be sure.

He had never wanted to see her again and yet now he couldn't stop staring at this woman who looked so much like her. His mind screamed retreat while his burning emotions demanded confrontation. Frozen by his doubt, he forced himself to linger until he could determine her identity.

A waiter hovered by a circle of guests offering hor d'oeuvres, cutting off Frank's view of the woman. The room swam back into focus, and he damned the Bureau for forcing him to spend his first night in New York at this glitzy, shallow party. But they'd given him no choice. Somewhere in this room his new partner waited to meet him. If the woman really was Angel… He hooked his index finger in the collar of his white, pleated shirt and tugged. He didn't even want to think about the disaster that would cause.

All about him people tossed chips around and laughed, careless of how much they lost. The theme was Monte Carlo, the aim to raise money for cancer. Frank chose to observe. Gambling went along with his job - along with the requisite losses.

The waiter moved, and he gazed again at the woman in the blue dress.

At least once, he'd lost more than he could afford.

His gaze followed the curves outlined by the iridescent blue gown. So far, he'd only seen her from the side. She stood at the roulette table. Her dark hair, sleekly pulled to the back of her head with a gold clip, shone in the soft light. Could Angel have tamed her riotous curls into a smooth coil like that? Probably not. His eyes narrowed. The graceful curve of her neck looked the same. As she turned around and leaned over the table to scoop up the chips she'd just won, laughing, revealing the deep crevice in the dip of her neckline, his pulse lurched. Surely the woman didn't realize how much flesh she exposed. Every man near her did, however. Because, just like Angel, she had a generous amount of cleavage to expose.

It couldn't be Angel. The last time he'd seen her had been in Hawaii.

Hawaii. Four years ago. He'd gone to the island on a case, following the notorious drug lord Domenic Cavaglione. Frank's department had known something big was planned when Cavaglione headed there for an extended vacation. Frank and his partner had been dispatched to keep an eye on the suspect's activities. Cavaglione had spent the first few weeks attending a few closed meetings, but basically biding his time.

Frank and his partner had cycled shifts watching their target and Frank used the dead time to work on his tan and enjoy the sights. He'd soon found a sight worth watching in the beach front cabin three down from his. Angel Tortina.

He remembered the first time he'd seen her. With her long curls swirling around her shoulders, she'd been wearing a bright crimson bikini that made his heart pump triple time. Her legs were long and shapely and she was generously curved in all the right places. With a figure most women would die for, she still maintained an air of sweet innocence that attracted him far more than mere physical attributes, though he couldn't deny that her body enticed him. After all, he was a normal, healthy male.

He'd made a point of meeting her and for three weeks they'd spent time together, enjoying each other's company, getting to know each other. She'd been just an interesting diversion - until he realized he was in falling in love with her.

Sweet Angel. His body had ached for her. So many times he had come close to sweeping her up and carrying her back to one of their cabins to make passionate love, but her delicate, hesitant kisses told him she was… inexperienced. If he'd had more time, if he hadn't been on a job… He'd wanted to be the one to show her the ways of love.

Then he'd found out who she was - and who she worked for. Cavaglione!

Even then, smitten as he was, he'd actually believed Angel could never be involved in illegal activities, that somehow she had been unaware of her boss' shady dealings. Frank didn't want to remember what had happened after that. He'd been a fool! He'd never made such a grave mistake in his life. He was lucky it hadn't been a fatal mistake, not only for himself but for his partner, too.

A burst of laughter nearby dragged Frank back to the present. He grabbed his drink and gulped it down, trying to drown the bitter taste of self-disgust.

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